BS and I can SEE IT

My player name is 63BRIT63, AND NAME IS LESSIE STEVE BRITTON . First of all I like to THANK YOU ALL for allowing me to take 2500. chips and drive it into 2,668,500 CHIPS . After made the statement that I had done so , then all HANDS was down hill CHARGE . I am no way the BEST PLAYER ,on any poker site , but I have played well a MILLION HANDS , and I know when the BS hit the TABLES . From 2/4 , up to 5k to 50k , tables. I guess the MODERATORS must have THOUGHT that I was bragging , because I have not SPENT one(1) cent on your SITE to buy any CHIPS . CHIPS from a 1.99 to 199.00 . So I got the feelings that I had HURT SOMEONE FEELINGS , or the PERSON that was monitoring me was NEW and had no idea that I was NOT suppose to WIN that kind of CHIPS. I know enough about COMPUTERS , to know when there is a second or 5 second delay in the turn card or the RIVER CARD ,that someone just SHOT ME THE LOSING HAND. For one reason a PERSON don’t have to be a COMPUTER GENIUS , to know that BS has been SHOT , and the hand you are playing will be a LOSER. This has been on my MIND for sometime now , and I thought I had to make it known that the CHEAT was put DOWN . The game of TEXAS HOLEM was invented in 1935 , and I did not start playing until 1970 . I played mostly DRAW ,5 OR 7 CARD STUD. I started playing TEXAS HOLDEM in about 1996 constantly , and for the last 10 years it was every day . So if you all can understand when THE CHEAT is put down , you can be see it with ease. Plus the FACT , once upon time my friends and I use to CHEAT , and was GOOD AT IT. But like all CHEATS we was CAUGHT . So now everything is STRAIGHT LACE. Maybe sometime in the FUTURE I will purchase some CHIPS . I it is BAD for BUSINESS for someone like me , to take 2500 CHIPS and drive it into 2,668,500 CHIPS and not SPEND a COPPER PENNY . I Do and DON’T understand . Life goes on and this is just ANOTHER COMPLAINT , and I am sure you all receive thousands of THESE . But THANK YOU ANWAY. (63BRIT63)