So you're "gun shy". I don't blame you!

So you’re new to the site, right? You’re looking for answers and have come to the right forum. Here you will find topics discussed by experts and it’s well worth reading.

Now you’re asking “where’s the hook?” How can I play “for free” when every other site allows play for awhile and the next thing you know they’re dinging you to buy chips. Well, truth is, you can buy chips here, but after nearly 4 years, I never have.

Yes, I’ve gone broke more than once! In fact, in the (approximately) 4 years I’ve been playing, I think I’ve set a world’s record! However, each day, 2500 chips show up in my account from the “chip fairy”, and I’m off and running again! I’ve had a lot of fun, and have learned a great deal.

Now there is a “tip jar” if, after playing, you feel you should pay for value received. It’s at the bank where you “get more free chips”. I’ve done that, but I absolutely refuse to buy chips! Not when the “chip fairy” just keeps coming, and I want my stack to reflect just what I actually do…all on my own. These folks put a lot of work into this site, and I am not opposed to helping “pay the freight”.

Yes, there are other “free” sites out there, but go ahead…try them out. I have! And I play Replay Poker because that is where your rewards are based on your play, not your checkbook!

So, welcome to the site, and go ahead and take your helmet and flak jacket off. You won’t need them here. These are all “friendly’s” who just happen to play poker. All you need is just some skill, some ability, and (maybe) a little bluff now and then. Just among friends, right? Glad to have you aboard!



Well stated!