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Hello all,i have been a moderator for replaypoker many years.Was wanting to play heads up poker on the computer and googled just that.Replaypoker came up,That is how i found the site.I have had such a wonderful journey playing and working for replaypoker.Play a nice game of poker and be kind to other players. :dog:


Hello All.

This is my third site and my eighth year playing online. I played on Full Tilt Poker, was a little ahead when the lights were turned off. Because the two sites closed a number of us spread out to find another site. I found ReplayPoker had that ended my search and the search of about forty or fifty others who joined, all in the past year.

I cannot stress how happy I am with this wonderful found object. The play is good, the amount of choices a player has is incredible, and the international flavor of the people is thrilling.

Paul, as we all know is great, and the staff has always been so nice and helpful. I am proud to be a member of the Replay Poker culture.




I’m me!

I’m new here – though definitely not new to online communities. If anyone remembers The Well, Worlds Away, The Palace… you start to get the idea. I just got very sad when I realized I have IRC logs older than people I know.

Looking forward to learning how to beat my friends in poker. Already loving it here; the players are awesome.

Gatz (Greg)

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Hello…I’ve been on this site for maybe a year or a little more. Since real money sites aren’t an option for me, I’m thankful for this one to say the least. I’ve been having fun and made some friends along the way.Keep up the good work on this site and see you at the tables!

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Been here for a short time, I’m on everyday, 66 years old, went in the USA Army at 17, went to medics training at FT. Sam Houston in TX, Volinteered for Vietnam went in 1067, was there 68-69 Central highlands mostly, TDY to other units, so I was all over nam in support of 173rd, 101 and 11th arm. Cav. Last 5 months in country spent in Siagon and Long Bhin on a mission called Count. . Real name is Gary

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Horrible poker player but love the game. Retired military E-7, semi-retired professional fisherman , Viet Nam vet. Live with my dogs and parakeet. Have 3 huskies outdoors, and a pit bull indoors and at my side. Love animals and nature. . The staff does a great job keeping on so keep on keeping on!! Good luck and good sportsmanship to all.

Welcome slammer! Can’t wait to see you at the tables. What’s your favorite type?

Heh, sounds like we’d be a good matchup.

Welcome, Gary!

How long have you been playing poker?

Hey all,

I’m a high school sophomore that has been playing poker for a couple years. I found Replay two months ago, and I’m very glad I found it. I never liked those stereotypical video games. Anyway, I would watch a poker show at a restaurant and wonder what was happening, so I learned the details and here I am. I play poker and speed cube for fun. If you run into me at a table, feel free to say hello!

I am a Marine Sgt. (non active) served from 1986 to 1996. I don’t have allot of skill but I have a great time playing. I’d like to thank the developers and moderators for this outstanding sight.

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Welcome Hmarines2! Good luck and Good poker :smile:owlady


Yeah, our moderators do a fantastic job, pretty much all for the love of poker. Y’all are in good hands. =)

Greetings fellow poker insomniacs! I joined Replay Feb. 28, 2015 and use it to engage in social repartee with nice people all over the world. When I’m in the game I savor the fellowship and try to help keep it fun and lively. I’ve met a lot of neat people and one moderator…Owl lady…who is fantastic…hoot, hoot! You will be blessed to be in a game with her! I’m a former Marine helicopter pilot and Viet Nam vet and think it was a total waste of 58,000 of Americas’ cream of the crop lost in 'Nam as I think it would have been more cost effective to pave Viet Nam and give every Vietnamese a hot dog cart…but that’s just me. I played adult over 40 baseball as a pitcher until I got older than my fast ball…I was 66 and it was 64 and stopped playing and started the songwriting and recording phase of my life…I write Gospel and Country music and call it Gostry. My songs have a melody, understandable lyrics and a story or moral if you listen carefully. I just released a poker song called Hold ‘em and a song dedicated to all Veterans called Denver and you can listen free at If you like bull riding I have a video up on YouTube called Bullrider and 4 other videos and all my work is on iTunes just search my name…Doug Welborn…and if you do and you listen I am grateful and thank you. Hope to see you at the tables and my handle is Tarponjump. May Dads’ blessings rain down on each and every one of you in frog strangling proportions and if you’re short like me and have the favor of being the last one to know when it starts to rain…remember the other side of the coin if it’s a real gully washer…climb to high ground as we are the first to drown. Blessings!


Lovin’ the music Doug! :smiley:

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Thank you Mr. Replay!

Definitely enjoying the tune. Thanks for sharing with us!

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this site is a fun site to play against other players, however I don’t feel it is right for the staff players to be allow to cheat. Yes I said “Cheat”. When players pay for their chips or win them, staff members should be allow to use the hardware to favor their cards in their hand. Please don’t said it doesn’t happen because I have witness it for the last few days, while I have played the game or my friends have been logged on. This isn’t how you get people to like your site. Please stop allowing the staff to cheat.

I’m glad you think it’s fun ladybug4. By staff I assume you mean our volunteer moderators, who are regular players on the site, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it, if what you’re claiming it true they’d all have the largest bankrolls on the site - which they most certainly don’t.

To find out about what the moderators REALLY do and why they’re the backbone of our community, we have a dedicated page on the site here: which also lists the strict code of conduct that all moderators to adhere by (and cheating is definitely NOT one of them!)

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Are we having fun here at replaypoker…oh yes

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