Bounty busted out mistake

wrong player earn knocked out bonus chips

Thanks for reporting Sarkozi)…wel spotted.

It does not work right when it is a split pot (bounty has to be split too) and it works not right when there are more players in a hand and one is busted out.

I send this hand to the tech team and i ask the staff to forward the 2000 chips (the Bounty) to player roydawg.

The techt-team will solve the problem, in the mean time if there are cases like this, send me the hand number and i will ask the staff to forward you the Bounty or part of the Bounty.

Thanks. Greetings Happiness.

Thanks for reporting sarkozi. You’re right we have a problem when dealing with split pots. We’re aiming to fix very shortly and we’ll update this topic when it’s working as it should. We’ll also award the bounty correctly to roydawg as happiness suggests. If anyone else misses out on a bounty because of a split pot, do send us a support message and we’ll manually credit you the chips.


This problem is fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting.

This same thing just happened to me. hand #59204829

Hi gopo

Think that tour started before it was fixed. I send a mail for you to support and you get refund your 2000 chips.

thanks happi

the bounty is not fix yet i was in a tour n durin the tourament i knock out 3 player but havnt receve my chip yet so i guess support have not fix the bounty yet

Hi justatrker and all Bounty tour players.

At the moment it works like this. If you knock out a player in a bounty tourney it shows in the chatbox. Who is knocked out and who win the bounty.

Earlier it went wrong when it was a split pot or with more players in the hand, sometimes the wrong player got the bounty and with a split pot the bountey must split too.

That bug is fixed. If you see in the chatbox that the wrong player gets the Bounty, please send me the hand number and ReplayPoker can refund and the tech team can look to it again. But i do not expect problems about that any more.

If you won a bounty and it shows in the chatbox, then that Bounty (and all other bounty’s you won that tour) will be added to your bank automatically when you finish (if you’re out) the tour. If you won a price in that tour the price and bounty will be added to your bank seperately. It shows not on the congrats mail.

And yes justatrker, you are right about sending a message about the won Bounty’s. At the moment the players not getting a message about it, but that would be handy if they get a message about the won bounty’s. I hope that can be implemented.

Next Friday (Jan. 25) ReplayPoker runs (3 times that day) the Friday Special - Bounty. The prizepool is 200K free chips, 5 places paid. The player pays 5K buy-in for the bounty.

Hope to see you there. Greetings Happiness.

Hi all!

Happiness, thanks for giving the details and explanations about the bounty.

I also checked justatrker bounty and we did credit him the bounties chips. I believe this is the tournament that he was: “Bounty Pleasure 10000” with a bounty of 2000 chips per user. And checking our logs there is a deposit of 6000 chips, checkit out:.

Thanks all for the feedback :slight_smile:

One more thing to know about the bounties. We award it to the player who wins the ‘relevant pot’ for the hand in question. ‘Relevant pot’ means the pot in which the bounty player was all-in for their final chips. This may be the main pot or one of several side pots.

So just by having the best hand doesn’t always win you the bounty.

Hi gopo.

If you replay your hand, you can see brongers (he was knocked out) had more chips than you, you can never kock out a player who have more chips and you have.

You won the hand, but Mr-X won the rest pot and he knocked out brongers, thats why he earned the bounty. Did not see that too in the first place, Andre explained it to me:)