Problem with rebalancing tables

I was playing the freeroll and was first place back and forth and had the winning hand and went all in and you rebalanced tables and i lost it when i went gray…that’s not fair!!! you need to figure out a way to rebalance between hands NOT during a hand! and also tried to get back to table and couldnt so i just watched as my chips went to 0 (zero)!!

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Hi Paligirl35. Thanks for reporting this problem and a BIG sorry you lost out because of the rebalancing. We’ll look into this matter urgently to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We’ll update this topic when we’ve fixed this bug.

I want to say that the problem still exists as of July 28, 2019. Just two days ago I was feeling like I was the only person getting “rebalanced”. I know when I am moved, or the entire table is relocated, I’ve seen others come and go while playing, but lately I have felt like it is just me being moved, all the time, no matter what my position in the tourney. At one point during the tournament I was bounced to 5 different tables without getting to play a single hand. When I finally got to a table I thought I was going to play at, it was “break time”. It didn’t end there either. After the break, before I had a chance to play a hand I was bounced again ! To make it even worse, I was placed into a seat and made to wait 4 more hands before able to play, ante’s being taken the entire time. I lost way to much game time and too many chips to recover. Probably due to my inflated aggravation and deflated stack, but who wouldn’t be? I’m not loaded with chips or the cash to constantly buy them due to a computer glitch. It’s bad enough when a “bully” chip gatherer jumps on your table and bleeds you, now I have to wonder when the computer bandit will hold me hostage as well?