Big Ego's

Its becoming really noticeable ( sure im not alone ) (or am i :laughing:)

Folk that buy their poker position whilst loosing most games YET dish out ridicule and what they believe to be a professional insight during games to those they deem inferior by poker position

The same people on loosing have to then explain why they lost and how bad the hand was that won, often choosing to be obnoxious in the process to other players

I find the above absolutely hilarious and my post is purely to see if others see things in a similar way which is increasing

I play for a bit of fun, but at the same time like most have a competitive streak but not to the point that where i cant loose, laugh and join another game in the blink of an eye

What do you think?

Do you think for some this may be as addictive as general gambling as they spend money on retaining a position ?

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Sounds a bit harsh to me. Assuming something like that sounds just as arrogant as what your trying to describe.

How can you assume you are seeing not one but a number of players acting in the way described?

How does my post describing these actions make me "sound just as arrogant "

If these actions have been observed what makes the observation “Harsh”

Respect for your service from a fellow Forces Veteran

Your post titled “ Big Egos “ speaks volumes. You’re assuming top ranked players buy chips and then complain when they lose and try and tell you what you did wrong. Perhaps you should take some advice or not go on tilt over it.

I don’t want to be grouped in your assumptions.

A year ago I would have said that I doubt many people buy chips just to get rank, but now I have seen 1 or 2 people do just that. Chip purchases keep the site healthy, and I don’t care where the chips come from or how they affect my rank.

But there are other reasons people buy chips. For example, someone could make some friends, then buy chips to keep playing with these friends as they move up in stakes.

As far as people giving advice, meh. If it’s good advice, I might take it, if not, then not. Usually though, they don’t seem to understand that we are playing totally different styles. OK, you wouldn’t do that, but obviously, I would. Now what?

I don’t mind talking poker at a poker table.

Bad beats are frustrating, and lashing out is common at all levels of poker. (Think Phil Hellmuth) You don’t have to tell me I got lucky, I was in the hand, and if someone gets bent out of shape by me getting lucky, I’ll probably claim it was pure skill and see what they think about that. :slight_smile:


There is only one person here making “assumptions”.

At no point does my post contain the words “top ranked” thats YOUR assumption and sadly that has put you “on tilt” and blinded your reply’s

There are a huge amount of top ranked players on here i have respect for but not all. Why should that be expected when you can buy position which is their prerogative and i have no issue with buying chips.

What is amusing as per original post is when the people described dish out what they perceive as Pro advice due to an inflated EGO from a ranked position that was paid for…

You have made the assumption all top ranked players were encompassed and got a bee in your bonnet - some are reasonably low ranking and some are under the thousand mark.

Loose, laugh and join another game in the blink of an eye is hardly a statement of a person “on tilt”

You have been officially removed from an assumption i havent made so please

Enjoy your day

Sorry, you said ranked position players have inflated egos…. :joy:

Have a Happy Day…

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You would have never made it in the British Forces where honesty and integrity are key

Please demonstrate where that was stated by me in the first post which you got your panties in a twist over and the following posts ensued.

Its been explained to death yet your incapable of reading the post in context choosing a one liner from my last post in an attempt to justify your previous replies to my original post.

You must be in politics :rofl:

over and out :rofl:

This is an “angle” used by a few players to put the other player on tilt in cash games and I think it is used for that purpose in play money games, just ignore and play YOUR game!

Craig, I’ve re-read the thread 4 or five times and couldn’t find where TerryW said “ranked players have inflated egos”. I’ll admit, I’ve had 4 or 5 drinks tonight, and might be missing something obvious…

( Folks that buy their poker position ) same as buy their rank , NO ??? AND ( to those they deem inferior by poker position) .

Besides of course the title of the thread “ Big Egos “

How do you interpret that ?

“You have made the assumption all top ranked players were encompassed and got a bee in your bonnet - some are reasonably low ranking and some are under the thousand mark.”

What bit about the above is so hard to acknowledge or needs ant type of interpreting

Lets agree to disagree and enjoy the game

Being able to buy your rank is a complete joke.

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I just want to thank anyone who buys chips for keeping the lights on.


Here here. It’s funny how many people seem to forget that the site needs some way of staying in business. I’m also generally puzzled why people don’t want weaker players to have as many chips as possible (unless winning chips is not very high on their agenda).


My Wife and I play often and when Replay offers a “Special” on chips one or the other might purchase a small+ chip package to show appreciation for the site. Also seems We usually spend those chips fast… lol Good cards n fun 2 e1…


I also have bought chips when I receive a special, however I do so as above to support this site. BUT, I hate loosing chips lol. What gets me is, how the hell do people get up to 100’s of millions in chips!!! Look forward to a game or 10 every night.

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They play in games they can beat, and they put in the volume.

The best players can beat any game on Replay, and they just put in the hours.


Having had hundreds of millions of chips before, I can say it’s not as crazy as it seems. I’m a mediocre player and I’ve been able to go from 0 to 100m+ a few times. You just move up progressively in the stakes as you win. There are 9 players with 10+ billion, so 100m isn’t that impressive.


If you can buy chips, then you can’t have ‘‘rankings’’!

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