further more to my earlier rant ,( which i stand by) most people loose most of the time.I fail to see how the top players can ammass such a huge chip ballance. Surley if they were that good they would not be bothered withplaying at a play poker site ,with no monetery profit. this is just B/S & The sooner players wise up to it the better. The only winners here are REPLAY!


Even the top players like me have massive leaks. Even at the elite stakes, there is quite a bit of limping. Most of the high stakes players call 3bets a bit too light, including myself. I’d say most of the high stakes players won’t be able to beat real money microstakes and most of the elite stakes players won’t be able to beat anything higher than $0.01/0.02.

A lot of high stakes players have just spent a lot of time playing. Given a lot of time, aggressive bankroll management, solid poker fundamentals, and a bit of luck, I think anyone can make it to high stakes.


Many of the top players do play on real cash money sites. So your argument is uninformed.

The debate or argument about playing real money or play is mostly irrelevant. Anyone can put money down on a real money poker site and brag or defend their poker ability/skill. Many do.

A friend of a friend, and friends convinced a friend to give RP a try. They made it into the top #10 on RP. This is a play money site for fun. Deff diff from real money, but its still online poker.

If you have decent skill & know how to play poker on RP you will easily win.

Go try real cash online poker and see how you do. Good Luck. I doubt you’ll find as many fish as you will on RP.


If we got rid of the top 100 players, the next 100 would be the top. We could do this until there’s nobody left.

At each step along this path, someone could say that the top players should be playing for real money.

I’m not one of the top players, but, either way, it’s not legal for me to play for real money online. I play because pokering is fun.

Why does anyone care how many chips someone else has? Why claim free chips are meaningless while also complaining about someone else’s bank?


i started 2 years ago with what rp gave me in chips. i slowly won and kept increasing my limits. i now play on some of the highest tables and the biggest tournaments. unfortunately i have not won the big 5m tournament yet. I have tried. Since I have been doing well I thought I would try real cash. I was surprised how good even the micro level players are. I am working hard just to keep my initial bankroll.

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Guess most sng’s do pay top one third. 2/3 are losers… Mtt Tourneys tighter yet with the winnings. Guess You could say it looks like an uphill battle… Have You tried Heads-up??? … I always pushed My hands to much from boredom etc. until I slowed down and picked a Tourney with soft blinds–no antes–table of 9-- join at late registration–Maybe watch table build and pick a “lucky” one–then maybe try the Power of folding–“Fold to live to fold again at a later time” as an old timer told Me. Very lil chat just acoustic music. Great cards and situations will happen with time. For which of the Players and at what time I’m still working on… I have played multiple tournaments at once like this often and seems to be less stress and a bit more fun. Do try the heads-up tables but beware that’s where one of My family goes to add to their bounty when needed.

damn such great words of wisdom, you do have gray hair dont you ?

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