I am the best player on here!

I am the best player on this site! feel free to indulge, i will answer your poker question as best as I can!

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At the moment your rank is “7”. Numbers 1-6 might disagree with your statement. GL


A bought rank shows you are not the best player. rank only matters and is accurate with the un bought chips but im glad you are contributing to the site tho to keep it going and make it better. Your request in the other post is a good idea for you and others that buy 100 million chips or more.I think it would be a win win for all of you, and its more chips for everyone to get from you too :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m happy for you. I can also see why your chat is permanently muted. Best of luck to you on the tables (I’m sure you don’t need it). :wink:

Enjoy playing in silence since you can’t brag on the tables … ilove"cat"


i have a life besides poker, its called girls.

It’s not always about who’s best. Often its enough to be less dumb than the other guy.


This thread has the potential to be epic.
I expect it to be closed shortly.
Can’t have unapproved ideas floating around.

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My girlfriend Becky (not her real name) says that poker is a lot like sex… most people aren’t as good at it as they think they are.


well thats why she is a girl. and i am a man!

Hey cat, there are at least two players (along with 2-3 others) who can claim to be better than you, but you’re certainly one of the best. Here are some questions: How does your aggressive style work in full ring where everyone is a calling station? Is it because even stations fold to triple barrels or are you balanced enough between bluffs and value? What % of hands would you say you open from the CO in FR, and does it matter if there are limpers in front of you?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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oops, i think you accidently posted in the wrong thread, this thread is the one you’re looking for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think players that play tourneys well are the better over all players, much more skilled than rings. I havnt seen u play any tourneys and how would u place if at all if u played them ?

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I will be number one. cash game is a lot harder!

against calling station, you want to make thin value bet. and never bluff.


ok, your preflop play is very important and one of the hardest thing to understand. if you watch phil ivey, he will sometime raise preflop with 27, this is a bad play if you do it a lot but once in a while and definitely a profitable play against super tight folding stations!


When I was a kid, I had a pet turtle named Fluffy. Now, as some of you may remember, the turtle wasn’t actually fluffy (because he was a turtle), but when he was wearing the little sweater that Grandma knitted him, he sort of looked fluffy. He hated that sweater, but when Grandma knits you something, you pretty much have to wear it.

My next door neighbor Becky (not her real name) had this mean old cat named Attila. Attila would strut around hissing and growling and generally acting all mean, and he loved to fight.

Well one day I heard a great commotion in the yard, and, sure enough, Attila was attacking Fluffy! The cat had his fur all puffed out, and he was hissing and and meowing and trying to hurt my poor little turtle, but Fluffy just pulled his head and legs into his shell and Attila couldn’t really do much.

Once in awhile, Fluffy would poke his head out and take a little nip at the cat’s leg or tail or whatever. Eventually, the big mean old cat just gave up and never bothered Fluffy again.

I learned something that day: the loudest opponents aren’t always the toughest. Sometimes the quiet ones just methodically go about their business and eventually win.




im changing my name to Iloveturtle and maybe i will be the best player on here


exactly, I am the best and I agree!