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The November 2022 Donk of the Month

It is my pleasure to announce this month’s Donk of the month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

Our Donk of the month joined the Donks in April of 2019 in the Grey Foals tier, and advanced to the Golden Donks in his first quarter by finishing 4th on the 2019 Q2 Grey Foals Composite leaderboard. In 2019 Q3, his first quarter as a Golden Donk, he won the Golden Donks Sunday 7PM leaderboard, which earned him the induction into our Hee Hawl of Fame. He also finished third on two Golden Donks leaderboards (2019 Q3 Composite leaderboard, 2021 Q3 Sunday 7PM Leaderboard) and second on the 2020 Q1 Wednesday 9PM leaderboard.

In total, our Donk of the month has played in 377 games, making the final table 89 times, and finishing in first place 15 times. I’ll also add that this Donk has been a pleasure to have at same table over a number of tournaments this year.

With that, it is my pleasure to announce LOVELAKELIVIN as the October Donk of the Month.

Many thanks as always to @flashlight_gl and @Mahvelous for their work on these medallions.


Congrats LLL…very well deserved.

Congratulations LoveLakeLivin, well deserved and its always a pleasure to play at a table with you!

Congratulations LoveLakeLivin! Awesome & so well deserved!

Gotta agree and Congrats LLL…awesome player and always a joy to play with…well deserved…

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congrats LLLwell deserved

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WOW, Thank you so much I am VERY,VERY EXCITED. Now I am going to tell you a short story. When i first joined as a Silver i was very nervous and played very cautiously, but after several games I thought i saw an overall weakness in the play. So i changed what i was doing with good success. I finished the quarter high enough to move up into the golden level. So i continued with what got me there and it got me a crown and into the hall of champions.But all good things must change and that strategy does not work anymore. players got better? players saw what i was doing? Who knows but it does not work anymore. I try it at times and i am usually out early. Anyway thank you again for the honor.



Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @stoshmo21 who has recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox for recruiting.

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Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Nvie who has recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox and @Crazy_Jim for recruiting.

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Congratulations on Donk ot the Month, well deserved

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ruderacing becomes the eighth member of the 500 club

The 500 club consists of all Donks who have shown outstanding dedication to the league by playing in at least 500 league games. In today’s Wednesday 3PM game, the eighth Donk in history qualified for this club.

It is my privilege to present to you @ruderacing as the eighth member of the 500 club. ruderacing joined the Donks in July 2019 in the Grey Foals tier. He advanced to the Golden Donks in his second quarter by finishing high on the 2019 Q4 Silver Donks Composite leaderboard. He played 34 games in 2019, 106 games in 2020, 189 games in 2021, and 171 games to date in 2022.

With that, I’d like to congratulate ruderacing and wish him all the best for his next 500 league games. ruderacing is now eligible to wear the classic Donks avatar with the 500 club logo.


Many thanks to @flashlight_gt for creating this avatar.

500 club

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Congrats ruderacing and to all above .

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Welcome to the club RR…very nice.

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I just noticed that @ajwale won both Sunday tournaments in the Silver league, and in my short time with the Donks at least, I’m not remembering seeing someone win back to back tournaments before.

I also thought that making the final table 3 tournamants in a row in the Golden league by @unskilld was a pretty nice accomplishment too.

Congratulations both.


I was trying to make it 4, but my internet went out before the Wednesday 9pm event started :frowning:

Congrats to ajwale, winning back to back is a very impressive achievement.

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Certainly an impressive achievement.

I ran the numbers out of curiosity and was surprised to see that this actually happened relatively often in 2021. The Wed 3PM game and the Sunday 3PM game were introduced in 2020 Q3 and in 2021 Q1, respectively, so there were not so many opportunities to win 2 games on the same day before 2021.

Date Donk Tournaments
2019-01-13 morgan11 2437325, 2437332
2021-02-10 ohjoe2 4160388, 4131430
2021-02-17 sugarblossom 4160389, 4131431
2021-03-14 theweasle 4239161, 4204147
2021-04-25 -BlackWidow- 4308675, 4342676
2021-05-12 Clueless1 4365081, 4381271
2021-06-02 snitty 4416088, 4416083
2021-07-28 Gotthejack 4529124, 4565406
2021-09-08 crosby63 4584247, 4613340
2022-06-22 slader43 5221497, 5222135
2022-09-11 NorthEndPhil 5346864, 5347322
2022-11-13 ajwale 5522659, 5523045

Ajwale is the terror (Bully) of the Silver Donk’s!

Dunno about that, I heard aj is a 90-year-old bingo player that spends her social security check at the church bingo hall…




I thought it was strange that the little old lady in church last Sunday kept calling “full house”.