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The priest told me aj tried to sneak in a bottle of fireball


Damn! I thought that “holly” water tasted “different”…just can’t trust anyone nowadays!

A friend informed me I wasn’t supposed to drink the water, you learn something every day…

All the cards look the same after 3 of those holy waters!!!

Can’t possibly lose!


3-7 off suit!

No they aint.
When you look at the back, they are both red.

guaranteed win!!!


Bori…C :rofl:arol told me he is in jail


2022 Q4 All Donks In Series

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@opsco wins the 2022 Q4 All Donks In Series


Thanks! It was a fun tournament. Surprising how a couple of lucky all-ins can make a difference. This is my first bracelet. Hope second is easier.

Any idea as to the oldest player to win a bracelet?


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Congratulations mike

Dunno, how long does a Black Widow live?

Well I guess I need to Congratulate @_snowman for winning our bet on the All Donks in Series

Now I have to wear this shirt for the next 2 weeks … Lesson learned next time must remember to check to see what he is hiding under his hat and not to gloat after game 2 when I had a 20k point lead :slight_smile:

snowman sucks

On a good note … I am now the proud owner of a Snowman Voodoo Doll that I can stick pins in, throw against the wall, give ice cold bathes and let my Kitties play with :rofl:

p.s Congrats @opsco on ur win well played


congrats and well done.

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Thanks Snitty. I was worried you were going to catch me the last tourney.

Thanks. Lucky for me you only played two of the four tourneys. You almost won anyway.


I would love to play all the games but too late at night for me in the UK

Congrats, Mike (opsco) great win!

Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Kevin1208 who has recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox for recruiting.

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