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Weasle, welcome to the club. Next stop…1000.

Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @drat who has joined the Donks and is eligible to play his first games in the Silver Donks tier tomorrow. Thank you to @Marchello9999 for recruiting.

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Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Last-bet and @welshterrier who have recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox and @LV52s for recruiting.


2022 Q3 Awards and Advancing Silvers

Please comment here rather than in the league results and updates thread.

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The October 2022 Donk of the Month

It is my pleasure to announce this month’s Donk of the month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

This is another Donk that has been a member for long time, joining the league back in September of 2018 in the Golden Donks (the only league at the time), only two months after the league was established.

Our Donk of the Month won the 2022 Q1 Golden Donks Wednesday 9PM leaderboard, earning him induction into our Hee Hawl of Fame. He has played 326 games, making the final table 75 times, and managed to be the last contestant standing for a first place finish 10 times.

With that, it is my privilege to announce Oltop as the October Donk of the Month.


Medallions designed by @flashlight_gt and created by @Mahvelous


Donk of the Month - October 2022
Here’s the Medal without Lyle W on it :slight_smile:


Congrats Oltop. We have played many games together. You don’t chat much…but congrats my silent friend.

Thanks, Chuck

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Well deserved, Congrats, Oltop!