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Greetings to all RP MTT players. Do you think that you are good enough at poker to beat a Donk? If so, post your interest on this page and we’ll get you the details about how to join our league. Thank you to all RP players for visiting Badonk’s Donks’ Stables.

Donks, look who has the most carrots this week?

  1. BRICK52………28,142
  2. Galak ………….19,902
  3. SarahFra………16,248
  4. cottage3……….14,071
  5. SharonSmarty…12,586
  6. KirbyMuckIt……11,491
  7. floridajetski ……10,636
  8. murrayob ………9,951
  9. Badonkidonk … .9,380
  10. jameshall7450 …8,900
  11. BigBuddha………8,484
  12. hessman…………8,124
  13. campingdude……7,804
  14. tomkat287 ………7,521
  15. horse-man ………7,266
  16. imtoogood ………7,036
  17. tabarry……………6,825
  18. dela2 …………….6,633
  19. chuckcox…………6,456
  20. Reesepiece………6,293
  21. Scratch……………6,141
  22. Goldiebear11…….6,000
    Carrots are awarded using the same formula that RP uses for 100K MTT’s, namely,
    (1,000 × (√Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1+log(Buy-in))

These members have not yet played and all have one stick:
Donk ………. Sticks
kidvicious ……. 1
recon0419……. 1
rhickman333 … 1
sampson1… … 1
sonic… … … …1
thumbs… … … 1
Theweasle… …1
zetrop… … … . 1

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Greetings Donks

Congratulations on finding the stables. Now let’s go to our League Page so you can go to the Members page to confirm your eligibility to participate in our next MTT on Sunday at 7:00pm EDT.
Return to any Dashboard, Lobby or Promotions page, then click on the drop down arrow next to your profile photo in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Yeah, so far just like before. But this time when you scroll down, click on Leagues. Then scroll down and click on Badonk’s Donks. On Sunday you’ll need to click on Register. Or simpler yet just copy and paste this link:
To ensure your eligibility to play, click on Members in the upper right hand corner.

Just remember:
To read announcements, communicate by a post, or bed down then go to the “Stables.”
To register for our tournaments or see who else is a Donk then go to the League Page.


Well, I just played that last of the “Donk” sng’s. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to the league. i am just posting this to see if it works. Gl everyone!

Great… games are easy to find once you click on the Leagues in the dropdown , members shouldn’t have a problem finding the games .

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Proposal 1. I propose that we adhere to a strict policy (without flexibility) that henceforth all new members must have an RP ranking of less than 1000 at the time of their application.
Proposal 2. I propose that existing members who have an RP ranking at 1000+ are “grand-father’ed in” and are still allowed to be a members.

A few of you have expressed a concern that the original objective of this league has been compromised. I am referring to keeping the quality of the membership at a high caliber so we can all improve our play. I recognize that RP ranking does not always correlate with skill, for many reasons. We can buy chips here if we have money but have no skill. However, at this time, RP ranking is the only objective method of measurement that we have.

Please express your opinions here in an open forum so we can all benefit from the comments.

Existing Members should stay as members , some may not meet the required ranking but doesn’t make then any less of a good player. New interested players who want to become Members without the ranking should have to be recommend by an existing Member who sees that player as an asset to the League . Some people are newer here than others and have not had time to improve their rank but they are still very good players who are willing to play 100k games to learn to improve their game.This is still a free site for fun and will get boring if its just to serious , for me personally a good time is better than a great rank.I don’t usually play 100k games , the one I played Sunday was my first and found it to be kinda fun .Looking forward to playing an actual League game , hopefully I will enjoy it…

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i strongly disagree, as i have had several conversations with badonk about this. this league is for the elite players that have earned their rank and to improve play with the higher ranked players, if u wanna buy chips to get to 1000 or earn them to get there is your choice but the bar has to, has to be set at 1000 otherwise this league will fail and we will have all kind of rules changed all the time and ranks all over the map. this is not strictly for fun, if u want that then join poker amusement, thats what that league is foe, hence the 5k buy in and every rank and every night games, this is different, all leagues are different. as far as recommending a player that doesnt fit the rank, oh well, i have over 50 friends on here that would be an asset and recommend to play for fun, bar has to be set bottom line, or this will just be any other league. Badonks goal was to make this the premier league on replay and build it to be the most wanted league to be in, gotta learn it to earn it, nothing against u shar but there are other leagues they can join that suit their needs or wants better, and yes we will still have fun here, Peace

Re: Criteria for Membership in Our League
It appear that we are coming to a fork in the league road. Let’s hear from others.

I think it is a good idea. I respect the motion that elite players who have earned millions in chips over 4-5 years of play deserve to be with the
best of players. So many times we have beginners who play maniac style
as I learned from my poker book when I started 12 years ago. I prefer
live poker or casino poker but I like replay and will be receptive to new
leagues and players invite. I consider this an opportunity for the very
experienced player. ……Tomkat287

Hey good player and respected member of replay. I am Tomkat287 and accept your invite. I have 12 years of experience and have played in
Vegas and won money…oh yes I lost some too, but I welcome the
opportunity to play with experienced players as I do at Winstar casino

in Oklahoma. I live in Ft.Worth, Tx, and Texas is still in 1935 with attitude
on gaming in the state………………let me know know when Badonk.

Welcome tomkat287. You can check out our schedule of upcoming MTT’s on the League page which is on the same drop down menu that you used to find the Stables. After navigating to the League page then just click on Badonk’s Donks. This is where all the members need to go on Sunday night at 7pm EDT to register for our inaugural MTT. You can also see a list of our members there by clicking on the Members button. Your name will soon be added. Thanks again for being a Donk!

Hey I get the 1000 or better ranking… but I will not and will never buy chips. I ve earned every chip Ive got. But when donk came to me and said an exception will be made I’m like cool Im will do that. But if you all think its better that way Im cool with that. But I will say this. I can play with any of you and you know it!! So if you think you can lower your standards and let a low life like me in cool if not Im ok with it too. Just saying…

Some of my best friends on this site are low lifes :slight_smile: it’s cool with me

“It appears that we are coming to a fork in the league road. Let’s hear from others.” Bad Man

No fork.

Ski wants to follow the mission statement (I agree), and Sharon is positioning herself to expand the Sharonistas (you remember them); she also wants her TV network FIX to spread the rumor, claiming publically, that Ski is giving Fake News.

It was back in 2015 that the Sharonistas took over a major sub-section of Replay Poker until management got wind, sent in what was to become, Da Moderatoras, and she did a six-month stint of soft labor (Sharon does not do hard labor). In the past few years, she slowly built the semi-private organization. She has built her empire this way. When she says “I don’t usually play 100k games,” this is not Fake News, but you tell me how she got to be ranked 23rd, with over 365M playing medium SnGs. Beware the Sharonistas. Beware!


LOL :joy: you’re funny

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Just to confirm everyone Badonkidonk requested me to add should see themselves as a member now.

All Members will see a LEAGUE PANEL button on their profile page where can remove themselves (hopefully no-one wants to), but getting added again is only possible through a request to Badonkidonk.


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Hi everyone i’m BRICK52 . I have been playing on RP for some time now because my buddy SCRATCH told me about this site. I guess it was about 4 years ago? Initially the league play was great but something happened over the last year or so and I got so tilted from the play that I started to steam and play just as bad as the players I was pissed at. Not good for my game to say the least. At one point I was ranked 71st with about 200 million in chips. Never has so many chips been donked so fast to so few ! I had become a super donk by playing like them ! I had enough and recently started playing elsewhere . My thanks to Ron for letting me know about this league, maybe it will be good poker again. the list of name suggests it will be. BRICK

Thanks for the post BRICK52. If you haven’t ever been to the League page, go there and check it out so there are no surprises when you register on Sunday at 7pm EDT.

If you recall way back when, we brought the idea of the international leagues and sure enough, soon thereafter, it became a very popular attraction. I know you were a regular winner there and used all three regions to build that massive amount.

I will tell you that Bad Man, my moniker for Badonk, took on this mission and did a great job building it. Thanks also to Rob who did Herculean work to get it going (sorry to report, however, that he is a Sharonista). Also, as strange as it may sound, Sharon, never qualified so only I know she is NOT a Sharonista.

It’s fun here in 'Merica. Be assured, we will try.

Scratch, Human Taxidermist

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Hmm. I was going to ask if I could join this league but my lowly ranking of 5000 or thereabouts would seem to preclude me, even though I have absolutely no fear in parting with 100K in chips to play and feel I could give your all a run for your money (on my day). Unfortunately I only have time to play 3 or 4 games a week so I’m never likely to make the top 1000.
Are you going to end up with the best players, or the richest players? I’ve played with some players ranked in the top 10 who play like “maniacs” and I’ve watched players of much lower ranking play a considerably higher standard than those players.
Just a thought, maybe you should create your own ranking system with lowest 10% dropped every 3 months or so, and let anyone with a willingness to want to challenge the “elite” a chance. Then you will end up being a truly Elite league :sunglasses: