Crazy Carrot Challenge

This Easter weekend we’re running a special contest to see who can collect the most carrots. Win a carrot everytime you knock out a player from any tournament running this weekend. The top players will share a prize pool of 2 million chips.

You can read the full details on our blog here:

You can check the leaderboard, that’s updated every 30 mins, starting from midnight Friday ET here:

Any questions, feel free to post them here.

Happy Easter everyone!


if the tourny starts before midnight but you knock someone out after midnight does it count or does the tourny have to start after midnight?

Good question Jmon! So I think how we’ve set it up is that as long as the knock out happens after midnight ET, then it counts. Likewise if the knockout happens after midnight on Sunday, it doesn’t count, regardless of when the tournament starts or finishes.

is there a reason that the leader board isn’t being updated

i was wondering the same thing ive got at least 3 today and none have shown up

same here i took out 4 players at power up 6000 wasnt rewarded any carrots yet

today sunday I took out 8 to 12 people not one counted whats the deal

u get to play the tourneys but special people get rewarded not right

not again

Re: Carrots not credited

Thanks for quick reply… Hope you guys solve it. There is indeed a problem for multiple eliminations.

im up to about 10 for today and still stand at 17 which is how i ended yesterday this ends tonight so could you please adress the problem so we know were we stand

you owe me 10 carrots

you owe me 5 more

I only like my carrots cooked! sry i may be trolling

if you are not going to reply to our questions then what is the purpose of this site

fix this g-dam website

what s th edeal another malfunction?its 12am

Sorry about the problems they have been sent to the tech’s but they will not be able to look at it until monday since it is the weekend now but you all will be credited what is owed to you regardless of when this ends the tech team can go back and review everyones plays so please be patient because this problem will be resolved as soon. Sorry again for the issues

Carrots not credited to Multiple Eliminations. Stand by for final results…