I recently found myself in first place on the Gemstone Diamond best 7 leader board. I was excited because first, I like free chips. And also, I’ve never finished any LB in first.

I probably had it wrapped with the first 20 games. Then I noticed I was getting close to 200,000 tournament points. This got me curious. Has anyone every finished the week, with over 200K pts.?

I gave myself 30 games to see if I could, but only finished 27, before I burned out, ending with 198,745.

I then checked the sheets for the year and found that Goatsoup finished with 226,672 pts., One week in March, playing 17 games. Tatsel got 235,251 pts. With 31 games, in April, this year. I only checked this year, and there were only two.

My seven games consisted of 3 wins, a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th place finish, to even get close.

Those guys must have been playing some outstanding poker.

Nerd alert…I put the spreadsheet i used at
This is what happens when I suddenly have time on my hands,


I don’t know if I have ever gone over 200k in a weekly MTT board. I’ve won the monthly quite a few times back when I was playing more, so maybe.

I have tried to “go perfect” in the weekly SnG best 20 though. Best I was able to manage was 17 wins, and that took almost 70 SnGs. After 2 weeks of playing that much, I was burned out and haven’t tried since.

Congrats on the LB win! Winning 3 MTTs out of 27 isn’t easy… great job!