As im sure we all know while playing live in casinos BAD BEATS have been rewarded bigger cash wins than the tornament jackpot they got bust out of ,
well not on every occasion!!! .
I would love REPLAY to adopt the odd Torney in MTTs to include BAD BEAT chip wins posted in the lobby in the prize pool
if a particular hand MYSELF has poc [Ah Ac] My opponent has [Js Ks] the flop comes [ As Ts Ad ] turn [6h ] river [Qs] the betting has been limped by ME i get called all to the Turn ,then my opponent SHOVES all in on the river. I call it as we all would with QUAD As . the chances that he has the only two whole cards to make the ROYAL FLUSH are outrageous . i would still get bust out the torney,.but get a prize pool chip win this could be from each entrant paying in a small Ante in the buy in
this is just an idea i thought of ,There could be a BAD BEAT chip win in any of our MTTs
JUST AN IDEA??? any thoughts on this idea i value