Morning of bad beats and general BS

Man, I LOVE the reassuring feeling that the world really is out to get me in the morning.

When you lose 6 in a row, fully at least half of them properly your game, and you get hands like this one.

Big stack shoves 99 into my QQ, board runs out 5 clubs. I have 0 clubs, 99 has one club. Q on the turn to give me unnecessary trips gives him very nice flush to win.

I can’t take it any more.

It’s been @#$@# like this since 4am, and yet I’m only down about 200k, or 350k from peak.

I had a game where I had KK cracked by 88, then lose to KK on the final hand. I love nice bookended irony like that.

In a 3-max, I get A4s and flop a nut flush draw on the first hand, two other players go all-in, the game ends in one hand with two of us busting to the third.

The next game, I fold 97 and watch it flop a straight. The next hand I get QQ, bet pot to open, get two folds. Every other time I’ve done that tonight, I get two calls, miss the board, lose to any old hand. I hit pocket pairs 6 times and still bust.

I just want one probabilistically plausible game where hands are played reasonably and where draws fill as often as expected, and roughly evenly balanced between the two players at the table. Instead, I get 50 hands in a row with no card higher than an 8 and no pair, no draw after getting a player down to their last 500 chips. For 5 games in a row.

Give me a break.

No. There will be no break. There will be only pain.

Every hand you dominate will hit their bottom card.

Every time there’s a card to go, they’ll be drawing a better hand on the very next card.

Every time you hit a low equity hand they’re slow playing you. Every time they’re not slow playing you, they suck out. Coming and going, you’re getting screwed every which way.

Just to F with me:



Each card one rank higher, the board gives him a straight.

44 calls 99, set under set

And on into the afternoon.

I hit bottom pair, and another player who also hit bottom pair pots it after I check… I shove. They call, with an inferior hand. Naturally the river gives them two pair.

I can do this all day. I have the bankroll.

Cannot win one single game.

3 hands later, raise 3BB with KQ, flop comes in low, looks like a pretty dry board. Got called by 85s on a 3BB raise, because that’s how little anything I do gets any credit. They flop a flush draw, have no problem calling with a draw to an 8-high stake in a flush, and of course have no problem hitting it. I draw to a flush about one in 50 hands, sweating out min-calls and get beat by bottom pair every time. It’s nice to see that it works for other people. TEXTBOOK aggression payoff for me. Buy my book.

They never fold and always hit

Honestly just happy to win even one hand at this point.

I really want to see site stats to see if I’ve gotten into single digit win rate on shoving/calling shoves. I know it must be getting close.

And it just keeps on going.

I’m late to the table because I’m too busy complaining about my day here to notice that it started. I show up and I’m down having been folded out of the BB in one hand already. To catch up, I shove K8 and fold the table. I get AK a couple hands later and raise pot, v calls with 66, flops a set. Always the very next card dealt after I put in a big bet reverses the hand. Technically 66 is ahead of AK to begin with. They check, A on the turn, I bet, they jam, I call, I’m @#%@#ed.

I did get to win my one hand for the game though, so very happy.

80% of the hands I’m suited for play this way, except I don’t get to see a showdown.



On and on and on it goes.

I play a 250k 6-seat SNG. I catch a set of 222s, no body shows any interest in the pot whatsoever, 4 ways. I finally put in a modestly small bet, and fold the table.

I get AK and flop AJQ or something, and I’m too afraid of someone having KT to bet, but I win the hand, only a small pot though. I’m so completely conditioned to getting beaten no matter what that I’m only here to throw in antes and fold now.

I get a straight T-A a bit later, and again no one shows the slightest bit of interest in the pot, so I win it but small.

I’m up about +600 chips, and get AKs again, in late position. I’m sick of playing 4-way hands, so when the player ahead of me raises to 150 or 200, I make it 575. I get 3 callers. The flop gives me a royal draw, QJx, and I stay in for the river, paying out 2600 for the privilege of missing my royal.

I donate the remaining 1000 chips on the next hand, shoving Q6. No problem calling for K5.

Flip over to a 3-seat 50k table. It’s just a joke to me, winning is the furthest throught from my mind. I’m here to randomly pick a hand to die on and shove, get called by better cards or something that crushes the board, and practice my screams.

Here it is: KQ vs AQ, JA3A7, I’m left with 20 chips. V raised, I shoved, they of course rightly called, and of course they hit trips on their top card because the dealer never wants it to seem even remotely close like I could have had maybe a smidge of a chance. It’s always: Very next card fills draw or otherwise improves V’s holding, then the rest of the board just pours it on.

I think I’m going to have to ask my dominatrix to explore the humliation kink I’ve apparently developed.

Now here’s where it gets funny. I double up the next 8 hands in a row, to go from 20 up to 1280. Go ahead and click the links. They’re very boring, ordinary hands where absolutely nothing interesting happens, because all combinatorials are equally likely when you look at the superset of all possible poker hands. But I do win with pocket 22 filling a flush, so that’s something.

Of course, I still can’t win the game.

Not with a second flush.

At this point I’m convinced that no matter what happens I will not lose another hand, which is of course false, so I call A7s all the way to the river despite 3 streets of postflop bets and having nothing.

Because who cares, right?

But then I get the same result again on another big shove. High Ace calls, High Ace hits for Trips.

Because probabilities are very likely that people other than me hit for trip Aces every time they play a big pot against me.

As this topic which was supposed to be Poker Discussion has not generated any discussion and has just become a series of posted hands which are not asking for comment, I am now closing this topic.