Ärgernis - Irritation

Wie soll ich mich als Neuling bei einem Spiel verhalten wenn andere Spieler merken das ich neu bin und dann versuchen mich ständig mit ihrem All in Bingo zu ärgern ? Soll ich mich darauf einlassen oder einfach ignorieren ?
How am I supposed to behave as a newcomer to a game when other players notice I’m new and then keep trying to annoy me with their all in bingo? Should I accept it or just ignore it?

Just play solid poker. On this site where players limp virtually every hand and at every level, play like a NIT until you have a very good hand, and keep making stabs at the pot with other hands on occasion when you have position. Unlike real poker where good players are paying attention to what you do at the table, few players here do so. I hate limping as it really is an indicator of a weak player, but on this site you need to do it until you have something worth playing.


Get used to it…there are a lot of jerks here, as with every site. If you find an idiot on the table, move to another.
Replay also needs to change/fix the shuffle on the site. To many flushes/st8s come up on board, so that creates a lot of your “bingo” players.

accept it I know some 1 that kicked off and got a life ban from talking re assess your play patience you will get your chance

I recommend at any level if the table is playing excessively tight or loose, play the opposite of what you think the table is.

If it’s too loose (bingo players), play super-tight until they’ve eliminated themselves. Call an all-in only with hands like AA and KK (probably not AK as it is not a pair and some idiot is bound to pair his four and knock you out). Do not bluff. Do not play position. Maybe even set “post and fold” and sit out and have a cup of coffee. They’re playing so loose they’ll eliminate themselves long before you blind out.

If it’s too tight, then you may try to pick up some hands with a few raises or bluffs. Pay attention to which players are tight and which players are not, because you don’t want to bluff the one guy who seems to be calling too much when everyone else is playing real tight. Here position is very important–the earlier you are to act, the fewer hands you want to play. When you’re in the dealer button is when you can do most your damage because you will know who has decided to play and who has decided not to before you need to decide. Be more selective in the blinds because although you are the last to act before the flop, you’re the first to act after it.