"Bingo players" - Love them or hate them?

Here’s an interesting article

I found this part particularly true:

“players find it frustrating to play without some of the tools they rely on most, tools like bluffing (you can’t bluff a maniac), hand-reading (you can’t read a maniac), blind-stealing (you can’t steal from a maniac), and so on. If you’re inexperienced with the defensive, responsive kind of strategy that the maniacs force you to adopt, you’ll probably be frustrated and uncomfortable. Nobody plays well when frustrated and uncomfortable.”



Tight / Agressive is my normal mode of play. With a maniac (which sometimes I act the part myself - hence the aggressive part), I wait them out and with position and/or premium hands I hook 'em in the cheek.
The re-buy tourneys on Replay are a different issue…I tighten my starting hand conciderablly for the first 6 levels. I re-buy immediately when I start the tourney (3000 starting chips). I always ad-on at the end. I limit myself to 700 chip buy-in total (buy-in + 1 immediate re-buy, and add-on - if I make it that far).



I can get frustrated by them just as easily, but it actually affords me more time to sit and think about how I’m going to play the next hand. The limitations on their play force me to adapt and work around it – that’s a puzzle I enjoy.

But then I end up going all in on a pair of 9s or something thinking they’re bluffing.

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Hate em’ and love them both. Most of the time the 'bingo" player go all in with nothing. Once I figure that out I just wait for the right moment. It does get frustrating when we got real players wanting to play real poker at a table though.

the hoards of bingo players on rebuy tournaments has put me off them in a big way, i actuall said in chat “is this bingo lol” but i guess the frenzied mobs too busy pushing all in lmfao :wink:

I actually having a bigger issue with sleepewr plays that join these tourneys and never play. It really gives a advantage to the seat behind these players. I thought we were going to impose a time limit on them?