Any recourse when a frozen table (not a computer problem) cost me a winning hand and a million chips

this hand froze - i had the winning hand and the freeze cost me a million chips (and probably2,000,000)

sry. no don’t think happens sometimes.

Hi Goastros28!

If the Replay site froze at that time, they will be able to detect it with their amazing tech team. And if it was a Replay site glitch, they will perhaps atleast refund your chips for the hand that was frozen. It happens sometimes, but not very often. It is worth sending them a note. Replay Poker is VERY fair if there happens to be a glitch.

Meanwhile, Good Luck on the tables and know that Replay will make it good if something happened.


good to know mojo


Hi @goastros28!

We are looking into this issue and we will respond to your email message.