How do I retreive chips taken from me that I could not control?

I had three occasions today where I entered tournaments and the website began having problems to the point that I could not even play. Prior to that I was in the 1000/2000 table and while I was playing I had problems as well, the next thing I was without my chips. I have lost a total of 545,000 chips today, not to people whom I played and lost to but to the website. I have sent numerous messages to Andrew, probably so many he is sick of seeing them. He sent me a message once and said your all set, but when I got to the table to play again I had one of the above occurrences. I am not sure what I need to do to regain my chips… I have only been on here for about a week now and contributed close to 400.00 for chips. I do not mind losing chips in a game but to have them taken from me bc of glitches is where I get upset. Please explain to me what I need to do.

Send email to inc hand number or tour name-date-s.


PaulyK, sorry to hear that you’ve had problems. Marcipan is right, an email to (or via the (?) help button on the website header) is the right way to go. I’m sure Andrew will be able to assist you.

Just out of curiosity what sort of problems did you have, and what browser and version are you using?