Frozen table = refund chips?

Hi Replay
I get that sometimes tables or tourneys freeze up. It sucks but it isn’t the end of the world, especially when I get so many hours of poker play for free.
I entered a free tourney that never started, and after a few minutes I left. Next, I entered a 50k buy in tourney that also did not start. I shut down the site and went off to do other things. I came back about an hour later to see the game ongoing, and that I had apparently blinded out once the software decided to begin working.
Any chance of getting some chips back? I am more than capable of reducing my chip count on my own without the buggy software helping me. Thanks.

I concur. I entered a 10k tourney, which I left, because it didn’t start. Then registered for Domino Stone at 50k - also, didn’t start. Came back to find that both were in play. Not being good at playing two tables at once, I pretty much ditched the 10k hi/lo. Placed in Domino Stone, so okay with the outcome. Chances are you will get a refund Phil:)

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our Team was able to fix the issue and we are working on getting affected tournaments refunded.