Chips Lost

Hello - I was on a table when the maintenance began & the action froze. I did not get the chips back that were in play at that time. I’m wondering if anyone else noticed this? Unfortunately I lost ~40M and am hoping to get these chips back. If others noticed the same, please let me know

i loose my chips too, i wish thats solve

Hi flyfry,
If you were playing on a ring table then your chip stack will be safe, but hands in action are not refunded.
If you have the relevant hand number I always recommend contacting so they can look at the circumstances.
Best of luck on the tables.

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Not sure if this image will upload but this can explain the issue. It’s a screenshot of my transaction history which shows that I never received chips for leaving the table I was seated at when maintenance began.

Please refer to the activity around table 10937940… I never received the chips back for “leaving table” because it froze. You can see what the activity should have looked like with the 6,509,000 credit I received for leaving another table.

I have passed this on and you will be hearing from the support team shortly!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I know the team must be slammed at the moment, but I appreciate your help!

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in my case thath is my table just in the freeze moment.

thnks 4 the help

Hello again - please pass on my thanks to the support team! I never heard anything directly but my chips have been returned.

Thanks again for your help!

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