Allow players at a table to mute off table commenters

I suggest any player at the table should be able to anonymously mute an off table non-player for the entire table such that no one at the table can see his comments.

So at the moment we allow anyone to chat during a game, even if you’re not playing. Of course you can mute players now, by clicking on their username and choosing to mute them, but what about spectators? At the moment there’s no way to mute them. So the question is should we show a list of spectators which you could then mute, just like a player; or should we disallow spectators from chatting during the game? I think the idea of muting a person preventing everyone from seeing their chat should only be an option available to the mods. Let’s have a discussion about this…

I understand this is a complicated issue. I don’t object to spectators commenting, but if they get obnoxious or continue to distract a player on the table muting should be allowed from the table for a limited time anyway. The moderator should be allowed to see, if at the table. An anonymous mute prevents further animosity.

Self muting at times seems to aggravate some players because your not polite enough.