Mute individual players of your choosing

Have the ability to add a player to a mute list, so that you don’t see what they type during play.

Let them see that they are muted to people also…


LOL punisher ! Make hate list? ( must be hide this option) we are a big family here, is it?

My idea, People can mute other players day-by-day. Moderators are not mutable. If people can mute other players this will be great for the poker on the site, there is not distraction anymore. Moderators can still mute players for everyone.

i play ‘perfect poker’ on Facebook. and they added that option 2. thats a very nice option to add to this site

What if mods mute one player and this shown on the room under the user name? thets woud make players think twice . But Im not sure .

This sounds good, but muted players are still commenting and other players are being influenced by rude and untrue comments. Now everyone else at the table knows but you. Hmmmm. The moderators are reluctant to mute these players from everybody. These players just can’t mute themselves. How about anonymity by allowing the change of your user name.

I like this idea because to many people go running their mouths here about nonsense and we are here just trying to have fun

i also play there m8

I see some of the profane players first going to mute moderators.

Muting moderators and get rid of that awful floresent red font, what a great idea. A pleasant teal or an almost brown red font would have worked, but muting the moderators entirely definitely has no merit. Sorry if I miss led any body!!!

marcipan your just abusing your power on the poker site … you should be banned or throwing off the site for abusing your power when people are talking and having a laugh . and just aswell its not a real table where sittting round

there is someone that needs to moderate the moderators for coming in and abusing there power click happy cutting people off and banning people . all that will do eventually is send people to other poker sites to play .

be able to kick out moderators if there abusing there power

for dan1969. Please send saved links to . This is the way.

Good evening, I had a spell of 29 days because I would have chips gedumd if that is true I find that very hard to punishment if it’s one day would have been reasonable but I freaked out some drone at low Please, please let my ban fade I will never do more with much greeting Henderik it is also about another person’s account Henderik who has only been one day but I will never do it again until I’ve played for such chips would you help me greetings Henderik IF YOU WANT TO PAY I DO OR 30K WHICH I OR SMS AND I WILL NEVER DO I promise

My girlfriend uses my account frequently, and we have both had vulgarities directed at us by MAD1972 i.e.

“■■■■” “nigger ■■■■■” etc. We have also received unsolicited email of the same nature and tone from this individual, and would appreciate having the ability to both block him from sending personal email to our account, as well as blocking him from table chat. Thank-you.

Thanks for reporting this. I shall pass on to the moderation team to take the appropriate action. We are adding a feature to report messages and also to mute individual player’s chat.

dmanDing when Mad had 4 ID’s it could get real ugly!