SUGGESTION: ability to solo-mute spectators

Currently I am under the impression that you can:

  1. Global-mute all players and spectators
  2. Mute a player still in the game.


  1. Mute a spectator whose speech is irritating you but not global mute all players and spectators.

I request a method to do this to either be made apparent to me or invented. Thank you.


Great suggestion, and definitely something we should do! Once we switch over to HTML5, we have a great deal of table improvements in mind – one should be able to both display spectators and allow you to mute any of them you want.

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I’d gladly join as a beta tester as long as its not past 2018 :wink:


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If Replay displays spectators I would think that would put moderators at a disadvantage monitoring tables. Unless they can be exempt from being seen.

didnt think this was an issue but now i have say yes please shut the spectators up was at 2 different tables where the comments were kind of nasty and rude it wasnt directed towards me but it did change the attitude of the table and in both cases peple left the table…(ring games)

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At the rate you’re going, HTML12 will be the standard before you make the switch. :slight_smile:


Yes, they aren’t playing, therefore don’t have a vested interest in the game.

how can someone get you muted just for reporting without evidence. this moron who I don’t care enough about to remember his name fired off ffalse accusations and I got muted. He is the one who mad a comment about my mom. I’m furious because if I cant chat its no fun for me

how do I get it unmuted its beem 24 hours

the guy who reported me I want his info so I can report him. He lied

Why can You not add a feature if you open a table you whoever opens the table has the right too boot these people who disrupt you game. Make it so only the one who opens the table can eject them?

Hey from my experience ( I have been muted ) , when someone reports you , a moderator doesn’t just take the reporters word , they go to the hand that was being played when the complaint was made and review the chat .The amount of time that you will be muted for should have been stated when you were informed about being muted.I agree playing with no chat is no fun.

That’s right! When a player is reported, moderators and staff do not just take the reporter’s word for it. We would have false reports everywhere if that were the case! We go into the system and check the chat log to see what was being said at the table. If the complaint was justified, moderation actions are taken. If not, the report is closed. The amount of time that a player is muted along with the reason and the samples of their chat from the table are sent to them when the moderation action is taken.

as a PLAYER:
This is a great suggestion!!!

as a Moderator:
When I go to a table, I generally want folks to know I’m there!!!

I may go:

  1. to play, my first choice!!! :slight_smile:
  2. because I have been invited by a player at that table
  3. reports suggest that a table is in trouble…
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i don’t think anyone s/b muted for anything. thebigo.

I think you should be muted.

banter friendly or not is part of the game as look as its abusive in bad way then freedom of speech is an important liberity.

I agree banter is part of the game

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With what 8-10 staff moderators… its simple to allow them to remain “hidden” and not even “counted” as a Spectator, but for all else… players on the table should ALWAYS be able to see and if necessary mute a Spectator… on a simple rollover, a list of all spectators should be visible… then highlight to access control to mute functions.

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Freedom of speech is a constitutional protection that prohibits the government from jailing a person for his or her use of speech. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with a privately owned website muting a player in a poker room.