Mute or unmute at tables

cant see why i can not be unmuted now ppl can mute any one they want 2 ,ppl read in chat only what they want to if theres a prob with a player they can mute them or call a mod, so please once again i ask please can u reconsider and unmute me on a last chance warning if i do anything u can either mute stright away or ban me plese i ask u for this last chance here and i will never ask again,or nag any one kind regards ballck

i now init ballack they sould un mute you

I think if one player is upset because of another player’s chat behavior at a table, he could be anonymously muted for the entire table by any player at the table except moderators. Why because if an individual is being insulted by another player at present if you mute a player only you don’t see the insults but all the other players do!!!

Chat is not needed but a luxury others find enjoyable to abuse.

The problem I see with that B17, is that someone could maliciously mute another player, and all the other players at the table wouldn’t have any way of knowing that player had been muted. Perhaps a better way would be to automatically mute a player if 3 or more players mute the same player?

51% of the room. :slight_smile:

only want to be unmuted to prove my point here i aint asking for much