Address bar and Tableview

For those players that do use FireFox, and a Windows 7/8/10 platform, I have a burning question that recently I became aware of.

When on a table, using newest FF and Win 7/8/10, is it just me that seems to be missing buttons on the customizable Address Bar, versus whats available when you are on any page other than the Tableview ?

I can customize this bar, but when I am on a table, all I get is the address box. No back/forward/reload/home (left) and Bookmarks/log FF/log Flash (right). Am I just missing something, or can anyone explain why this is occuring ???

While Beta-testing, I thought it was just the new tables, but then noticed it was also the Flash tables this was occuring on. Since there’s no problem with a shorter address box, so that the buttons are available … why is this happening? Does it have to do with the fact its a table, opened by Replay somehow ? Am I being blonde and just don’t know the setting to change to get them back ? All other pages on Replay, I get these buttons, so I’m stumped. Is this only a problem with Win 10 ? HELP Plz

Hi Sassy,
have the same and it is normal. The window will be opend without these menues. It is in the programm code and you cant change the settings for this window. Just focus on the only reason why this window is open… play poker.:wink:

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For various reasons, I do need the darn reload button. Since This never occured on an older version of FireFox, and even on Puffin I have a reload button in tab field, I’d like to know how/why this occurs on the newer version of FireFox.

Someone messaged me about using a right-click, but that does NOT do anything while on a table, it just changes things on the reg window I have open for the main site/lobbies/ect ect.

Since in ANY address bar, scroling occurs if you go past the bounds of the window, I see no reason why on a table, that box could be shorter to accomidate the missing buttons. Doesn’t matter if its the main site or a table, all fuctions of browser should work just fine. (FireFox)

Any help is greatly apreciated, but going forward, when someone upgrades thier PC or Browser then looses fuctionality, thru no fault of thier own, usually they blame the site in question. I had all buttons on the older FF, and none of them on most recent version of FF. It must be how data is sent from Replay to FF, to make it act differently or hasn’t been optimized for the newer versions.

If it is only the reload button you can use F5 instead. This works for me.

And yes, there are changes in the newer versions of FF. I have to allow adobe flash but there is no “remember” button. So I have to do it again whenever ff was closed.

I’m on Chrome and used to play on IE and have never had any of those functions on a table. At the lobby, yes, but never on the individual tables. I just figured that was normal. Shows what I know, lol. Hope you find a fix.