Pressing My Buttons


My game play screen reloaded by itself while playing and I was stuck with no buttons to return to or leave the table. LoL

Took a screen shot for ya…

Ohhhh today is gonna be a FUN day!!

Well I tried to load the pic for ya…


HA!!! Got it to work now… *does happy dance

Hi LadyRaven,

The behavior you describe is exactly how the poker table behaves when you log out or change your user in a different browser window. So this may have been triggered either manually or by some browser privacy extension cleaning up cookies.

If this should happen again, open a new browser window to the website and make sure you’re logged in.

Thanks for the report, glad its working now :slight_smile: I guess your flashplayer or PC or net glitched, Disconnect you and put you on seat out. Just leave the room, close it, then reopen and seat again .

Well… I was sitting at the table just playing the game and not doing anything else at the time.

I did leave the room and go back to keep playing…

This was the first time I had experienced this and didn’t remember reading of this situation on any of the message boards so figured it would be a good idea to let someone know.

OH and btw… I had the table screen reload by itself last night 3 times, and again I was just chilling playing the game and not performing or doing any other functions with my PC, AND as I have been sitting here typing this response out… the game screed did it again and this was the dealer message: “Dealer: Restart: Waiting for users to connect”

I have been playing since this past Dec and this is the first time I have experienced any of this.

Anywho… I’m back to the table enjoying the game play.

Y’all have a great morning/day/evening!!

Yeah that sure is odd. If other players experience this, please do post on this topic, so we know how widespread the problem is.

Yes sometimes a restart message may appear when we’re updating the game with new features. Otherwise indeed please report and give us as much information as possible so we can keep on improving the game.