Trouble lining up mouse pointer on what I want to click

This has been going on for awhile now and seems to be getting worse. When I want to click on something, “raise” for example, or any other of the controls, the spot where I click is misaligned with the actual control. If I’m not very careful I can easily click on the wrong control which is causing me a lot of grief. I read somewhere that it was a programming problem and Replay was working on it, but that seems to have been a long time ago, and today playing poker is almost impossible.
Anybody else having this problem?

if it’s the same thing that happened to me, then try not to use full screen but use the minimizing instead, then it should function normally again.

At first reducing the small screen helped, but now that has become just about as bad as when I went full screen. Now at full screen it’s unusable.
Is this something that Replay is working on?

Hi, Did you try reloading replay poker from google it mite help. Good luck on that

Do you mean to “refresh” it? It’s just a web site so how else would I reload it?

Try clearing out all your temp files and cache.

Try a different browser.

Do those and see if the problem resolves.


Sometimes I run across the same issue so I clear my cache, close all other windows except the one I’m playing on and I’m good to Go :+1:t2:

Using Microsoft Egde as my browser.

Some have good luck with chrome running on this site.

Best of luck.


I tried pretty much everything I could think of, but nothing worked. So, I tried Edge (I’m not a fan of Edge), but it worked fine. This leads me to believe my problem is actually with Firefox. No biggie. I can just used edge to play poker and Firefox for all the rest.
Thanks for the help everyone.


Glad it worked my friend. Like I said , edge works best for me on the site and chrome for everything else for now. Trial and error. Now win some chips but not mine lol :joy:

This is a problem specific to a couple of versions of Firefox, including the recent version 55. We’ve tried sending out a site pop-up to everyone using it, but those can be easy to miss!

We hope the issue will be fixed with Firefox 56, but in the meantime, using Edge as Craig suggested, or Google Chrome, should allow everything to run as normal. Very sorry for the inconvenience!


I have trouble lining mine up to after 12 beers

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then that’s so very stupid of you. everyone knows you should never take more then 11 beers each day :stuck_out_tongue:

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I find that if you close one eye it solves the double vision issue


Yes. It’s a long-standing problem that’s recently gotten much worse. On two different Macs running both Safari and Chrome.

This could be a bug that replay notified us about. If you resize that poker window, this will happen. If I accidentally resize, I close the window out and reopen it. I think this bug only happens in Firefox.

Yes as noted before I have no problem using the Microsoft Edge Browser.