Replay Previous button

When on a table in the top left hand corner there is a Replay Previous button. When I click it during play it takes me to that hand and I can no longer see the table Im playing at.

Im not sure if this is dependent on different browsers or Mac/PC or neither?

Any chance of when clicking it opens in a new window?


I’d sure like that too. Play moves on so fast and if I want to review to see what happened, I have to write down the number…Probably not going to happen!

It shouldn’t be too difficult super simple with Html or Javascript (and in flash its easy as well).

Let’s hope they can hook us up and glad you like the idea!

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I like your idea! I’m in favor of it!

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What browser are you all using? I use Chrome and it opens a new tab for me in my main browser window away from the table. Just asked some staff to test this with me and sounds like it opens a new window on Firefox/Safari.

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I’m using Safari but I can try Chrome or Firefox. Appreciate you checking into it and I’ll reply soon :slight_smile:

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Yes it does open in a new window, but its not “right clickable” so I can’t open in a new tab.

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