i am stuck. cant seem to get to OLD replay poker anymore. does it still exist.

Better play on the current site only. You’re used to it quickly

If you have questions, problems or something is not clear you can ask it here or send me or another moderator a message. Than we can help or explain it.

Greetings Happiness.

We accidentally removed the button to the old site, but it’s back now. We do plan on shutting down the old site later this month, so please try getting used to it. We’ve fixed all the issues we had when we first launched it. Thanks!

personally, i hate the “new” site… inever use it and reading here that its soon to be completly gone is very discouraging… I think it should be left as an option for those of us who preffer it… thanks…

My only problem with newsite is current colors :). I think players will like newsite if there is couple customization options (colors and some UI stuff)

i think that the old is much better as well , the simpleness gives it its charms. only when the old is gone i have to use the new, which looks totally different then what made replay known, easy , simple and fine :wink:

i also get stuck very often, not sure if its always my wifi but what can you do.

Thanks for all your comments, we’re working on a new design for the ‘new site’ which we think you’re going to love. It’s going to be more fun, have more personality and feel more like a game again. What’s important for us about the new site is the technology behind that allows everything to update in real-time, and allows you much more control in the lobby (filtering, listing your friends etc).

Going to miss the old site! Like it much better!

Absolutely cannot log in. I connect with facebook yet I get stuck on a blank screen that just says loading.

Give the new site a chance, I’m sure it will grow on you :slight_smile:

1roofer1, can you login on either the old or new sites using facebook? Please do let us know. Also are you able to login with simply a username and password?

Hi 1roofer1. Can you please open browser window once again - do you know how to open console? It would be great if you can make some screenshot of this ‘loading’ screen including console and send back to Thank you