2021 Poker Room Updates

Hi, everyone! We’re about to wrap up another year, and what a one it’s been. Though 2020 has been challenging to stay the least, it brings us so much joy to hear that many of you found some comfort being able to play poker with friends – old and new – on Replay. There’s hope in sight, so cheers to 2021 and new possibilities! :champagne:

There aren’t a whole lot of changes to our poker room in the new year, but we’re so excited to bring you many features and fixes in the coming year.

Seven Card Stud MTTs

We’re adding a series of Seven Card stud multi-table tournaments, spaced evenly throughout the day, half-way between the current Stud freerolls:

02:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud 2,500 entry 100,000 GTD
06:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud Hi/Lo 7,500 entry 300,000 GTD
10:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud 20,000 entry 1,000,000 GTD
14:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud Hi/Lo 20,000 entry 1,000,000 GTD
18:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud 20,000 entry 1,000,000 GTD
22:45 ET 7 FL Card Stud Hi/Lo 7,500 entry 300,000 GTD

ALL Stud MTTs, including the ongoing freerolls, will have 8 minute blinds instead of the current 10 minutes. The new MTTs will be 6-max. These changes should tighten up the length of these tournaments.

Regional MTTs - Time Changes

The first tournament in all of our Regional events will begin 15 minutes earlier, and the second tournament will start 15 minutes later. Many participants have requested this in order to play in each tournament more easily, and to give players a chance to take a break between their games.

Our new start times (ET) are the following:

01:45 and 03:15 Oceanic
07:45 and 09:15 Asian
13:45 and 15:15 European
19:45 and 21:15 American

Thank you all for playing with us, and we look forward to our 2021 together. :smile: