Which tournaments have the blind structures changed?

I haven’t played in a few weeks, but when I returned today, the blind structure for the tournament I play (freeroll 7 card stud) changed to a very fast structure. It typically took 2-3 hours to complete a tournament, but it was nearly over within the first hour.

Perhaps I am “misremembering”, but I believe the blind structure changed. Have you experienced a similar change in the tournaments you regularly play in, and if so at what buy in level do you play?


Yeah, it seems to have been done last week. I really didn’t notice until I saw a bring-in bet of 320 chips. It does speed the game up a lot.

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Hi, we made changes to the 7 Card Stud MTTs

The freerolls are now taking from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. We had numerous instances of 3 hour tournaments and although we want people to have a chance to play the new 7 Card Stud games, it was seen to be too extreme to have them go that long.