2019 Poker Room Updates

Happy 2019, everyone! :clinking_glasses: Thank you so much for all the fun and feedback for the past year. We love hearing your thoughts on what would make your experience better, and we keep a particularly close eye on the forum, taking each suggestion into account.

While our devs continue work on our big projects, our operations team has been busy making some adjustments to our poker room offerings. I have a lot to share with you today, and I’ll also be updating this thread monthly, if any changes were made that particular month.

The following changes just went into effect on December 31st. Take a look, and if you have any thoughts, please let us know in our Suggestions & Feedback category, as we’ll be locking this thread to keep it tidy for future updates.

First things first: Freerolls!

We’ve added new freerolls to the schedule, and there’s now one running every hour, 45 minutes past the hour. There are four types of freerolls running six times per day:

  1. 100k Daily Freeroll
  2. 100k Freeroll Satellite - giving out free tickets.
  3. 100k Daily Community Freeroll - freerolls for our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter followers, which require a password you can find in either place. Three give out chips, while the other three award tickets.
  4. 25k New Player Freeroll - freerolls that are restricted to players who have joined Replay within the last 45 days.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players suggesting that there be a place for beginners and new players to build their bankroll and learn the game, so we’re excited about seeing how new folks enjoy these exclusive freerolls!

Next up: Higher stakes events!

  1. We have a new series of 250k entry MTTs, one beginning every three hours, starting at midnight. These five new events each have a guaranteed prize pool of at least 5 million chips.
  2. We’ve also added a new series of 1 million entry MTTs. These also run every three hours, beginning at 01:30.

Other notable changes …

  1. SnGs will have no-show players removed at Level 2 instead of Level 3.
  2. Bankroll Builder events will now have a 20k added prize pool, up from 15k, beginning January 7th. The Bankroll Builder leaderboards will be removed at that point.
  3. Elite stakes MTTs (1 million+) have been reformatted and are no longer turbo. Blind level times will be extended to at least eight minutes, and starting stacks will be 5k.
  4. Some Diamond-tier Gemstone Leagues have had their guarantees raised.

What’s to come?

  1. We’ll be conducting a survey to get player feedback on our leagues and leaderboard set-ups, and we plan to make adjustments based on this survey in Q2.
  2. We plan to launch weekly leagues for ring games, high-stakes Hold’em MTTs, and Omaha MTTs by Q2.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for Replay Poker! Please continue chiming in with your thoughts, as we have big plans to make the poker room exciting and competitive for all of you.


Hi everyone! I’m back with a brief February update. We have just a few things to highlight:

  1. New Ring Game Leaderboard Type. We’re testing out a new leaderboard type with our My Royal Valentine Ring Games promotion. We’ve introduced something called “ring game points” and these are detailed in a new article that you can find in our help center right here. We’re keeping a close eye on this promotion, so this formula may be subject to change in the future. We’d love to hear your thoughts if you choose to participate this week! Either let us know at support@replaypoker.com or in our Suggestions & Feedback category.
  2. New SnG Leaderboard Type. Speaking of new leaderboards, we’ll also be trying something new in our upcoming Replay Winter Games! While details about the games are forthcoming, I can tell you that we’re kicking off “SnG Tournaments won” (first prize) as a leaderboard type for selected promotions, so that players will be encouraged to stick around for the duration of the game.
  3. New Omaha Hi/Lo Events. We have changed two Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments at low stakes with one rebuy maximum. These are:
  • Omaha Ace-to-Five 16:45 ET Daily. 2,500 chips / Ticket entry. 24 minute (3 blind levels) rebuy period
  • Omaha Fast Trick 23:45 ET Daily. 5,000 chips / Ticket entry. 24 minute (3 blind levels) rebuy period

Hi all! I have just one update for you this month, but it’s a big one:

We’re launching a shiny new addition to our weekly Gemstone MTT Leagues! Introducing the Opal League. This league is geared toward our high stakes players. It kicks off at midnight ET on Sunday, March 10th. Here are the details:

  • 250k chip entry
  • 5 million guaranteed prize pools at least!
  • Events run every three hours, beginning at midnight ET
  • Only 4 players are required to start
  • All tournaments are No Limit Hold’em with either 6 or 9 max tables
  • They have an 8-minute blind-level structure with 15 minutes for late registration

Like the other Gemstone Leagues, the Opal League will also have two leaderboards for the first 7 and best 7 players. The top 10 players on each will share a weekly prize pool of 5 million chips.

Here are a couple of quick links to those leaderboards:

Signing off with a couple of fun facts:

  • Big Guess and Bleeding Me tournaments have both run daily since 2013. That’s over 2,000 days each!
  • These two most popular Opal League tournaments carry a 10 million (Big Guess) and 7 million (Bleeding Me) guarantee.

We’ll have more information on our promotions page soon. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our Gemstone family!


Nothing new to announce from the last month since we announced the Opal League a bit early last time. I’ll be back here in May to let you know if we’ve made any adjustments to the poker room.

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Happy May!

This month, we’re happy to announce that we’re officially partnering with AlecRome to livestream a new tournament every Sunday! When In Rome runs at 3pm ET, which should be friendlier to folks who are in the US and Europe.

A buy-in of just 5k will give you a shot to earn a share of 500k in added prizes! There’s also a rebuy period of 32 minutes to get you back in the game.

Here’s there good stuff: Alec will be broadcasting the tournament LIVE every week and giving out 1 million chips on his stream! He’ll be offering up raffles and fun challenges to accomplish to give you a shot at freebies. You’ll need a Twitch account to participate, so sign up here.

Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about Alec very soon. In the meantime, When In Rome is available for registration now, and you can check Alec’s channel right here. You’ll get to see yourself live if he’s at your table!

With the introduction of this new tournament, we have retired The Stampede, as BuffaloPrime has moved on to a new city and a new job that has kept him busy. We wish him the best!


Hi all,

We’ve got a big enough announcement to come mid-month!

You can now use tickets to enter all 2.5k, 5k, and 50k chip-entry SnGs that require three or more players. Please note that in the Astral SnG Leagues, this only applies to the Orion tier.

Time to use up all those tickets you’ve been holding onto! :tickets:


June is here, and we’re adding a new SnG entry!

Beginning tomorrow (midnight ET, June 8th), 15k entry SnGs will be added to the poker room. These will all count toward the Monthly SnG Medium Leaderboard. You can use 15k tickets to register, in addition to the typical chips.

You’ll find both 6 and 9-max tables for NL Hold’em and NL Omaha Hi/Lo, 9-max PL Omaha, and 6-max NL Royal.

If you have any thoughts or would like to see new additions to the poker room, please don’t hesitate to let us know in our Suggestions & Feedback category. Thanks!


We have a couple of announcements for August!

Our rake changes, detailed in this post, are now live.

We’ve made some updates to our Lobby filter. You can now choose multiple options when searching for tournaments or tables. Interested in viewing both Hi/Lo AND Royal? Low AND medium stakes? No problem!

Make sure you click UPDATE FILTER to apply your changes, otherwise your selections will not save.


Our filter changes have been temporarily rolled back as they were interfering with the Leagues panel. They should be back very soon!


Our fix is live and the new lobby filters have returned. Thanks for your patience!



Hey all! This month, we have a big announcement about our freerolls and satellites. We’ve decided to make the following changes:

  • New Player Freerolls will now pay out 25k instead of 50k, but the new player window has been extended to 45 days from 30.
  • 150k Mega Freerolls are becoming 100k Daily Freerolls.
  • 100k Daily Community Freerolls are becoming 100k Community Freerolls, with three per day paying out chips, while the other three pay out tickets (two will pay 60 2.5k tickets and one will pay 30 5k tickets). Registration time will be reduced to 6 hours from 24 hours.
  • 150k Free Satellites are becoming 100k Free Satellites.

As with our rake, we’ve done some thorough research into our free tournaments and how they’re affecting our economy. After reviewing the increases we made at the beginning of 2019, we haven’t seen players using the chips earned from these events to move into higher stakes games.

By paying out more tickets, we’re hoping to see increased participation in our low stakes Astral SnGs and the Ruby Gemstones, as those should become more accessible.

Finally, we want to make freerolls more competitive. We recognize that there are many players who register for freerolls who don’t end up showing up to play.

In addition to these changes, keep an eye on our “Satellite To” tournaments after RPOS VII has ended. Once the promotion is over, these events will be slightly different:

  • We’re introducing a 7.5k ticket, and will have a satellite pay out 20 of this ticket type, which can be used for the Sapphire Gemstone MTTs.
  • We’ll be changing the entry of six of our pay-to-enter Satellite events in order to introduce rebuys to two of them.

Since a portion of our pay-to-play Satellites fail to start, we’re freshening them up a bit and have made more of them ticket-size entry. We hope the rebuy events will be rewarding for those of you who want to try out that game type, but won’t be quite as wild as our Bankroll Builders.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these changes and seeing whether any adjustments are needed.


Our Lunar Storm tournament, a 50k entry Hold’em MTT at 5:30pm ET, has officially been renamed to Galaktic Storm. Congratulations to Galak for winning the RPOS VII Tournament of Champions!


We’ve added new guarantees to some of our low-stakes Omaha MTTs! Halloween may be over, but we’re keeping its spirit alive by boosting these spooky and ethereal tables with new incentives:

  • Omaha Classic NEW GTD 150,000
  • Omaha Fun House NEW GTD 200,000
  • Omaha Ghost Train NEW GTD 75,000
  • Omaha Magic NEW GTD 75,000 (Entry changed from 2k to 2.5k to allow ticket entry)
  • Omaha Round NEW GTD 75,000

We’ve made some changes to our Omaha Hi/Lo guarantees!

New guarantees have been added to the following:

  • Omaha Eight High (2:45pm ET) - 350,000 GTD
  • Omaha Show (9:30am ET) - 200,000 GTD

Guarantees have been increased in the following tournaments:

  • Around the Wheel (6:45pm ET) - from 400,000 to 500,000 GTD
  • Go High Go Low (12:45pm ET) from 150,000 to 250,000 GTD
  • Omaha Gold Road (6:15pm ET) - from 1 million to 2 million GTD
  • Omaha Wheel (10:45am ET) - from 200,000 to 250,000 GTD
  • Omaha Wild West (8:45pm ET) - from 300,000 to 350,000 GTD

We have reduced the guarantee of one tournament:

  • Omaha Science (10:15pm ET) - from 50,000 to 30,000 GTD

To coincide with our Santa’s Ticket Hunt promotion kicking off next week, we’re launching a brand new Satellite to 250k MTT!

This satellite will award four players with a 250k ticket. The buy-in for this tournament will be 20k and it will run daily at 12:45pm ET.