Regional MTTs - Time Changes

I read the announcement, I read it a few times actually.

I like the idea.

Some of us have difficulties playing 2 games at the same time.

Some I notice, can’t do it at all.

This always perplexed me, and is surely an advantage to those who can cope.

You should be working at a Metropolitan Rail Control Center!

The new HTML format has only made things worse. (resizing 2 tables to display all information)

I personally focus more on the earlier game when in reality, the 2nd game pays better championship points and should be considered more important.

Maybe in the future reverse the 2?
The larger buy-in starting before the other?




I didn’t see “when” this is going to take place.

I guess January 1st?

Regional MTTs - Time Changes

The first tournament in all of our Regional events will begin 15 minutes earlier, and the second tournament will start 15 minutes later. Many participants have requested this in order to play in each tournament more easily, and to give players a chance to take a break between their games.

Our new start times (ET) are the following:

01:45 and 03:15 Oceanic
07:45 and 09:15 Asian
13:45 and 15:45 European
19:45 and 21:45 American

Which brings me to question #2:

Believe it or not,

I JUST NOTICED the “REGIONAL MTT LEAGUES” have different GTD Prize Pools, yet they all have the same buy-in.

The player count is somewhat similar.

May I ask why?

I forgot to add…

Happy Holidays to all.

Stay safe.

Be smart.

Best wishes!

And if by some magic wave of the wand…

It could be possible to have BOTH games take their break at the same time…

(example: 2nd break on the earlier game coincides with the first break on the later)


Like you, I read it twice and I think they made a typo on the 20K European and American start times (should be 15:15 and 21:15). I doubt they are starting them a full 2 hours apart, though they do tend to be some of the longest games.

I don’t mind the change, as I know it will help many players who don’t like or cannot play 2 tables at once.

I totally agree that the breaks should occur at the same time in both regionals, but with the time change, I doubt that will happen, as the second break in the first would be around 30 minutes into the 2nd game. Considering that many people join late, and late registration is 20 minutes, getting the first break not long after joining doesn’t seem like something they would do. When the breaks were 5 minutes apart, as they are now, it seemed like a viable request, but taking into account the time change, I doubt it will happen. However, I doubt we will find it a problem because by the time the first break in the second game comes, the first game will have been running for about 2.5 hours and is likely to be almost over, if it isn’t already :slight_smile:

As to your first question on when, I expect it to be January 1st, since it was posted in new things for 2021. They tend to make their big changes then (the buy-ins went up on the 1st, after a similar announcement last year).

Which brings me to your second question about the GTD Prize Pools. I noticed this early on when I was looking for the best chance to get paid for some 5K tickets I had won, lol. I figured I had a better chance of a minimum payout (turning my ticket into chips), if I played games that paid more positions. This was back when I was new to MTTs and knew nothing about the leaderboards :slight_smile: My first regional leaderboard cash was on the American Regional because the 5K had so many people that I figured I had a good chance at cashing and I did well in enough of them to make the bottom of the leaderboard for the month. I wondered why I had more chips than when I went to bed and discovered leaderboards :slight_smile: That’s when I learned there could be an advantage to playing the same games often rather than just joining any random game that was starting, lol. The European games often pay 20 positions (over 100 players) and the American games usually pay 25 positions (over 125 players). Asian tends to get less players than Oceanic does. I’ve played Oceanic pretty much every day in the last year, and I don’t think we’ve ever paid out 20+ positions…we are lucky to get 15 (70+ people) and sometimes we only pay 7 spots (40-50 players). Oceanic does seem to be growing, but Replay did change the GTD prize pools earlier this year for all the Regionals based on the number of entries, so I imagine they will monitor the situation. The leaderboard payout is the same for all of them.

I hope this helps…just my observations and opinion, would love to get an answer from Replay on your questions.

I just wanted to point out that each regional league’s Sunday 20K is 1 million ADDED, not 1 mill guaranteed, making them some of the best tournaments on Replay!


Yes added chips is always nice. The American Hangover -9pm eastern- is a can’t miss with even a higher add-on than the others…

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Hi, yes there was a typo in the announcement. I will ask Fizzy to edit. (My mistake made during passing on the original info)

This is how the Regional’s will schedule from January 1st. Times in ET.

  • 01:45 and 03:15 Oceanic

  • 07:45 and 09:15 Asian

  • 13:45 and 15:15 European, not 15:45

  • 19:45 and 21:15 American, not 21:45

The reason for the different Guarantees is that different Regions (Time zones) have very different average attendances. As bahia7 noted, the American tournaments average over 110 players, while oceanic has just 60.




Those “added” chips are probably why they are the biggest games. If you are on a month-long quest for the regional leaderboard, the worst days to run bad or miss, are Sundays.

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