2020 Poker Room Updates

Happy Holidays, everyone! :christmas_tree:

While we’ve got our heads down, focused on the widespread launch of our new tables, we still have plenty in store for you at the start of 2020. Once these new tables have released, that means big things for our future, and we’re excited to incorporate suggestions that you’ve offered us over the years – including brand new formats down the line! We’ll have more details in the months to come.

But first, I wanted to let you know what you can expect from January 2020.

Regular Ring Game Leaderboards - Coming Soon

While we’ve had permanent MTT and SnG leaderboards for quite some time, we’ll be adding something new for ring games in the coming year. We plan to test this with a promotion early next year, so keep an eye out and let us know what you think. I’ll update this thread with more details once this is finalized.

The following poker room changes will take place on January 1:

New 500k Events

We’re adding two new 500,000 entry tournaments to our MTT schedule:

  • Ruthie’s Round-up is increasing from 250k to 500k entry. This tournament runs at 8pm ET.
  • Half Mil Thrill will run at 5pm ET.

Stake Changes

MTTs with buy-ins of 50,000 chips will begin to count toward the Medium Stake MTT leaderboards instead of the High Stake MTT leaderboards.

The average MTT buy-in has increased, and 50k is no longer considered to be a high buy-in. This will align MTTs with SnG stake tiers, which have already placed 50k entries in medium stakes.

Gemstone Diamond MTTs will still count toward Gemstone Diamond Leaderboards as normal.

Blind Changes

Based on player suggestions, we’re increasing our blind levels in 1 million entry tournaments from eight to ten minutes.

Regional MTT Buy-in Update

Our eight daily regional MTTs will all have an increase in buy-ins:

  • All 5,000 entry tournaments will become 7,500 and begin to count toward the Medium Stake leaderboards (monthly and yearly) instead of the Low Stake leaderboards.
  • All 15,000 entry tournaments will become 20,000.

Astral SnG Buy-in Update

There will be two decreases in the following Astral SnGs:

  • The Astral Ursa Minor SnG buy-in will change from 10,000 to 7,500.
  • The Astral Ursa Major SnG buy-in will change from 25,000 to 20,000.

To provide tickets for entry to these new buy-ins, there will be more satellites paying out 7.5k and 20k tickets.

Guarantee Changes

We’ve made some adjustments to our poker room as we’ve analyzed our chip economy over the past year, and that will continue in 2020. After reviewing the popularity of our tournaments, we’ve noticed that some have lacked participants and guarantees have not consistently attracted new players. The following games will have their guarantees reduced:

Sapphire Gemstone Increases

Our two Sapphire Gemstone leaderboards (First 7 and Best 7) will each increase from 500,000 chips each week to 750,000. Each will continue to pay the top 30 finishers.

New Satellite Schedule

Our updated satellite schedule is as follows:


As with our 2019 thread, we’ll be locking this to keep it tidy, as all PRM updates for the year will go here. Please feel free to leave your ideas in our Suggestions & Feedback category.


Beginning March 23rd:

  • We will increase the number of starting chips in some of our 3-max SnGs. Instead of all 3-max players starting with 500 chips, the 5K and 10K events will start with 750 and the 25K and 50K games will start with 1,000.

These games are very popular because they’re easy to start and finish fairly quickly, so we don’t want to change the dynamic for the lowest stakes. However, some players in the higher stakes have reported they would appreciate more ‘play’ in these SnGs.

  • Satellite to 20K MTT at 01:45 ET. This satellite pays 10 x 20K tickets for an entry of 2,500, but has rarely seen more than 40 players. Because of this, we have to reduce the number of tickets to 7.
  • Satellite to 250K MTT at 12:45 ET This satellite pays 4 X 250k tickets for an entry of 20K but has rarely seen more than 35 players. Therefore we have to reduce the number of tickets to 3.

These alterations are not necessarily permanent and if demand increases, so will the prize pools.

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Beginning April 4th, we’re increasing guarantees in our Regional Leagues.


  • Oceanic Wave 7,500 events daily at 02:00 ET goes from 400K to 500K Guaranteed
  • Oceanic Regional 20,000 events daily at 03:00 ET goes from 1 million to 1.2 million Guaranteed


  • Asian Showdown 7,500 events daily at 08:00 ET goes from 400K to 600K Guaranteed
  • Asian Regional 20,000 events daily at 09:00 ET goes from 1 million to 1.75 million Guaranteed


  • European Culture 7,500 events daily at 14:00 ET goes from 500K to 750K Guaranteed
  • European Regional 20,000 events daily at 15:00 ET goes from 1.5 million to 2 million Guaranteed


  • American Dream 7,500 events daily at 20:00 ET goes from 600K to 800K Guaranteed
  • American Regional 20,000 events daily at 21:00 ET goes from 2 million to 2.5 million Guaranteed

Sunday Million events in each region will still receive their free chips totaling 4.5 million.

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Beginning April 26th, we’re increasing guarantees in the Opal League:


We’ve noticed increased participation in this league, and we’re responding by supporting them with more chips and higher prize pools.

The Satellite tournaments awarding tickets that can be used in the Opal and other gemstone leagues have also seen more players, so we’re looking into potentially adding more tickets in those as well.


Beginning June 28th, we’re making some adjustments to the Opal League changes we made a couple of months ago:


After monitoring the poker room, seasonality affected this league more than we expected, so we need to tune those numbers back down. Our overlay for some of these tournaments has been significant – up to 50 million chips on Over the Rainbow since it was changed, for instance.

In most cases, the Opal League guarantees will remain higher than they were before we made the initial changes.

On September 14th, we’ll be increasing guarantees in the following MTTs:


Additionally, based on player feedback and popularity, we’ll be adding 3-max SnGs for Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Royal at the following stakes:

  • 2,500
  • 10,000
  • 25,000
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Our World of Antes MTT (3:30pm ET) needs a fix and has been pulled from the schedule. We expect it to be back up next week.



We’ve kicked off this new format, and it’s currently available in our Ring Game Lobby. You can easily find these by choosing “7 Card Stud” in the Lobby filter.

The game is traditionally played as Fixed Limit, and we offer the following stakes:

  • 100/200 + 10
  • 200/400 + 20
  • 500/1,000 + 50

Additional stake levels and tournaments will follow soon!

Need to know the rules? Check out our Help Center article right here.

If you have any questions about the game, or run into any problems, we are always available at support@replaypoker.com.


There is a bug in Seven Card Stud in rare circumstances, in which the community card gets dealt, despite all players receiving a seventh card. I’m very sorry for the issue! This is a high priority bug and we will have a fix in ASAP. In the meantime, if you run into this issue, please contact us at support@replaypoker.com and we will credit the appropriate winner. Thank you so much for your patience!


The community card bug has been fixed. Thank you for your patience!


We have added two new low stakes Seven Card Stud ring tables:

  • 25/50 + 3
  • 50/100 + 5
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We’ve added this new format to our Ring Game Lobby. In order to find these games, please make sure “7 Card Stud Hi/Lo” is selected in your Lobby filter.

Like our Stud High games, these are Fixed Limit, and are available in the following stakes:

  • 25/50 + 3
  • 50/100 + 5
  • 100/200 + 10
  • 200/400 + 20
  • 500/1,000 + 50

(All of these stakes will become available in our Lobby within an hour of this post.)

This variant is similar to Seven Card Stud, but adds low hands to the mix. If you’re familiar with Omaha Hi/Lo, the low hand hierarchy works just like that format. For the full rules, click here.

Not a ring game player? Tournaments are just around the corner!


Next week, we are adding Seven Card Stud and Hi/Lo Freerolls to our tournament schedule. These will pay out 100,000 free chips to the top 50, and run at the same times as our New Player Freerolls. All times are in ET.

  • 12:45am (Hi/Lo)
  • 4:45am (Stud High)
  • 8:45am (Hi/Lo)
  • 12:45pm (Stud High)
  • 4:45pm (Hi/Lo)
  • 8:45pm (Stud High)

These Freerolls are a great way to learn the new formats without risking your bank!


Seven Card Stud and Hi/Lo Freerolls can now be found in our Lobby! Make sure your filters are available to see these formats, Fixed Limit, and Freerolls.


We have added Seven Card Stud and Hi/Lo SnGs to our Lobby at the following stakes:

  • 2,500
  • 20k
  • 50k
  • 250k
  • 500k

These are six-seat tables with the exception of 500k, which is available as a Heads Up table.

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