2 places @ one time OK with RP?

whats is RP’s position on a player signing up for more than 1 tourny at a time? (with same or close start time). one player chatted that RP didn’t mind, but actually liked it???

So, one player in multiple tour. Whats wrong with this, if you dont mind asking?

nothings wrong whit it…i asked: whats RP’s position??

Everyone is allowed to play multiple tables (ring games and or tourneys), on fast tables you have 10 sec to make your move and on regular tables 20 sec. That time is yours.

Yes, we don’t see anything wrong with playing multiple ring games or tournaments at the same time. If you’re an active player and can handle keeping track of multiple tables at the same time, then we don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s easy to open multiple tables and view them on one screen at the same time. For some players 10/20 secs flys by, for others it’s like watching paint dry - so we try and cater for all players.