100k CONTEST POLL: What type of poker player are you?

Bueno , todo depende hay dias y dias !
Well , it all depends there are days and days !

Depends on the cards I’m dealt.

tight aggressive

Loose play allows you to hit many boards-aggression in poker is always good

just win baby

Usually, tight aggressive but again depends on game and if one player is playing super aggressive and almost in on every hand, over plays his hands they usually burn out, So I would be passive until the game settles down.

I enjoy observing other players style - When the time feels right, it’s time to play - The game is fun and fills voids during the day

I sit back and see which one’s are bad at bluffing , and the one’s that are in a hurry , are soon the first to go .

I’m usually tight passive I think but there is a new type of player that preflop bids high on nothing and I end up closing winning hands without knowing. I would go with the flow and loose my chips on good hands. So I too can be other definitions. I try to adapt to the table and do my best.

TIGHT until I get a pair then check raise what ever that is

I am a donkey

who the hell cares, lets play poker.

I would consider my self a Tight Passive player at the point it really counts in a tourney. However I am truly what I call a pdf player - Patience, Discipline & Faith, for me, all must be considered for every hand & circumstance, throughout a tournament.

Tight Aggressive. Pick my spot / hand and hope for a Win.

I listen to the voices arguing inside my head

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Soy un apretado-agresivo, pero dependiendo del juego y la pila que tenga, mi juego
varía. Oh, creo que el póker es un juego de suerte, paciencia, habilidad y farol. Cuando
domines cualquiera de estos, te veré en WSOP en Las Vegas.
I’m a tight-aggressive, but depending on the game and the stack I have, my game
it varies. Oh, I think poker is a game of luck, patience, skill, and bluffing. When
master any of these, I’ll see you at the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Loose and agressive

tight passive

Loose and agressive

loose and agressive