100k CONTEST POLL: What type of poker player are you?

There are four basic types of poker players. While many players adapt their style based on how others are playing at the table, there’s likely one that you tend to default to – something that feels most comfortable. Which are you?

What type of poker player are you?
  • Loose aggressive
  • Tight aggressive
  • Loose passive
  • Tight passive

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On September 8th, we’ll draw at least ten participants who will each receive 100,000 chips! For an extra entry, reply in this thread to share why you gravitate toward your selection.

Looking forward to seeing where the numbers fall! :eyes:


I’m all those and probably a few more, just not at the same time.

The way I approach tournaments demands that I adopt different styles at different points in the tournament and at different stack depths.


I am a tight, patient, disciplined and careful player.


different than real money…free…I play hi lo, so I’m a river bettor, and not to much to chase players…I want them to call…I like to let others do the betting, and if I have the but I check and raise depending on who the players are…this free is completely different…but fun


The way I play depends entirely on whom I am playing with and on the
cards dealt. I can say I am all 4 kinds of players depending on the situation.
For example, if I know I have a winning hand, I will be loosely passive and go along
and then ramp up my bet.

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I’m a tight aggressive patient poker player also.


untill now terrible

I am a tight-aggressive, but depending on game and stack I have, my play
varies. Oh, I think poker is a game of luck, patience, skill, and bluff. When
you master any of these, I will see you at WSOP in Vegas.


My style is not listed. optomistic-psycotic agressive with a dash of conscience and a good bank. i should change my log on to donate. still i have fun and american express,


I like to set back & let the aggressive players do the pushing much of the time. In this manner, I hope to keep the betting small until the river then evaluate my hand and bet accordingly.


Patient and disciplined.

If truth be know at some point in the game im all of the above where im at in the game and timing play more than a little bit to do with my play, i read more players than i care to fairly fun and enjoying.

Loose aggressive!

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I just go on my feeling.


Alot of luck as well!!


I think I’m tight aggressive because I try to be selective about my starting hands and take advantage of the results.


I am THE HUman RAISE!!!

Mostly well chilled and polite trying to enjoy the game. Ive been here at least 8 years and so I would be loose passive.

I usually like to play aggressive loose, especially in tournaments, but when it comes to playing the low stakes tables, I’m an ultra-aggressive insane maniac.

not really sure… I think some think I am tight agressive…most probably think I am just crazy :rofl: