Share your tournament numbers

I played (and won) a freeroll earlier and decided to keep track of the numbers throughout the game.
Game lasted 118 hands.
I eliminated 3 players in the first 16 hands.
I eliminated 6 in total
I won 28 hands in total.
I won 6 of the last 10 hands
I got lucky twice including final hand A5 v AQ and I hit a 5 to win with a pair of fives.

I am curious if this is the standard pattern of winning a tourney and am hopeful that some of you playing at every stake might take the time to run through the numbers and share

There’s many paths to winning a tournament, and this is one. Early on the main thing is to avoid elimination. If you KO a few opponents, suddenly you’re behind a stack that cannot be eliminated in a single hand, which is important. But you want to preserve your stack, rather than just start throwing chips around. Playing few hands is a good way to do that. It’s pretty common for the winner of a tournament to have a hand or two where they got lucky and beat a better starting hand by hitting a low percentage out. But ideally you don’t want to have to rely on those.

Hi pug,
I’m not really asking about how to win a tourney or the ‘in game’ side of it, I’m more hoping players will look at it after the win and break down the result into parts. Just the numbers, no why they played that way, no play by play, just the structure rather than the skill stuff if you follow me.

Ive won 50 MTTs in total over 2years

all they require is patience and to play tight I throw most cards pre flop and only play Q8 or above I also play every pockets

don’t chase straights or flushes (although sometimes u cant help it)

and when low in chips and almost panicky don’t bluff (which I do a lot)

but of the 50 MTTs I didn’t bluff (much) in i remained patient

get yourself into a position and chip bully

all MTTs do have an element of luck in them and the majority I have won I have had luck

the simple rules are as follows

when u have a good hand try to pretend you don’t

when u have a bad hand pretend that you have good cards (this one is basically called bluffing but only do it when ur convinced nobody else left has any good cards)

it helps to be able to read players behaviours and that will tell u if they have good cards or not

the way you really dominate is trying to act odd at the tables so nobody has any idea what cards you have.

sometimes show the table your bad cards make them think u have no idea what your doing.


You have fairly precise numbers. I never did that, but did play a game where i didn’t win a hand. while complaining about it in a post, once, i said it must have been 30 - 40 minutes. Thinking about it later, i thought ‘no way’, so i checked in activity. To my surprise, it was 46 minutes. Save a fold to the BB that i might have forgotten, i sat there folding hand after hand.for 3/4 of an hour.
On the other hand, I recently made the final table, 9 of 9, and got the same thing. Folding every single hand, I went from 9/9, to 8/8, 7/7, and finally blinded out in 6th. I probably gained over 100K chips, just by folding rotten hands.