Your 2018 Poker Goals


We are quickly approaching the end of 2017 so I started coming up with some Poker goals I have for 2018 and was wondering what are your 2018 Poker goals?

This can apply to real money Poker or right here on Replay Poker! My goals are for Replay Poker and are listed below.

  • Play More High Stake Games - Such as Medium / High MTT stake games and ring games while maintaining a good bankroll.

  • Finish “In the Money” In at least 10 MTT’s

  • Win At Least 5 MTT’s

  • Study More To Become A Better Player - Read more Poker books and articles and watch more footage from MTT’s to find new strategy’s to Improve my game



My poker goals for 2018 are

  1. Making sure the “Kool Kidz” Poker League right here on Replay is a great, fun place to participate in a tournament.

  2. Staying above the 100 million chip mark like this year.

  3. Meeting new members that I can call friends.

  4. Take the negative comments in the Community Forums with a grain of salt and think wisely before I type.

Happy New Year Everyone.


1: sticking to decent BRM

2: less fancy play syndrome

3: keep trying to improve myself

4: keep having fun in the game :slight_smile:


My goals are to get rid of people on my friends list who aren’t really friends .
Maybe try to start a fun League with my good friends.
To always be true to what I believe in.


My goals for 2018 for poker are the same goals I have every year for everything in my life. Contribute when I can, improve it is possible and above all else, DO NO HARM. Works for me.


i want more friends XD add me Ziggestacks <3<3 see you on the table


My hope is to be able to play from my ipad :slight_smile: waiting on the HTML for almost 3 yrs.c’mon santa!


@NicUrChips My hope is to be able to play from my ipad

Hi NicUrChips, I play very successfully from my ipad having downloaded the Puffin Browser which is specially for ipads, and I find it plays very well on Replay. Hope this helps


Win more chips

Have less posts deleted



and make it on to Sharon’s friends list…


Another Poker goal I have for 2018 is to play more Poker variations other than Texas Hold’em. I want to play more Omaha High / Lo and Royal and Improve my game In those variations.



IMO best tip in 2017, tyvm!


My poker goals are 1) to play regularly in my local home game (instead of being always being too busy); 2) to crush the spewy fish there 3) while being sociable at the same time.

And my Replay goal is to get to 1b and the top 25. I’m up 212m in 2017, so that might be a little too lofty… Really, I’d just like to learn and play closer to GTO. I’d also like to learn PLO, but there’s not much of that on Replay, so I’d settle for Omaha Hi/Lo.


Well (sigh) Here goes, 1st, I just gotta stop chasing, I get tired(lol)
2nd, Try n place at least in the leader boards instead o gettin bumped towards the bottom, Also when I chat in a game, I gotta spell right, 'cause sometimes it don’t look too good, lol
And maybe have the courage to play in the high steaks poker & improve my poker skills…I’m too aggressive, lol, jk


My poker game needs a lot of work! I hope to make more time in 2018 to sit at the tables with folks and not fold every single hand like usual. :slight_smile:

I also want to learn how to play Omaha Hi/Lo. I need a cheat sheet for the Low Hand trivia questions I post on Facebook!


My 2018 poker goals are to make friends with as many players as possible.I have no problems with others and by the way i play or they play.thier styles help me learn more about certain situations in different games.I try different styles,shift my gears to different just keep playing and having FUN…!!!


My 2018 poker goals are to:

  • keep coming up in the stakes
  • crack the top 500 on Replay Poker (currently requires somewhere around 30M chips)
  • win a 200±player MTT
  • win an MTT with a 1M chip buy-in
  • enter and cash in a poker tournament at a casino

Last year my primary goal was to have a year-end bankroll of at least 1M chips. My stack currently sits a touch above 3.6M chips, so it’s looking likely that I’ll attain that.


Year in and year out I have two ‘goals’ here:

  1. Enjoy the time spent here, and
  2. Win 2 Tournaments a month…

Truth is, though, I don’t play enough to win twice a month, usually,
but I do win once a month…


" I also want to learn how to play Omaha Hi/Lo. " …

Me, too… lol…


I count it as a ‘win’ (lol) when I ‘make the money’ in a H/L tourney…


Can’t seem to figure it out…



(Sorry, Ron, but I’m still trying… :>)) )



I want to improve my judgement on the tables here and in real life. I want to bluff all in a whole lot less, and to stop playing my birthday (born early, not born in Queen or even Jack).

I want to worry less about being table leader and not to follow the webpage for stats on where I stand so I can enjoy the game more. I want to perfect my comment selection in real life to avoid causing drama and learn to withstand what is dished out to me. I want to control my spending so I stick with set games and avoid excess food for chip ups.

believe it or not, I want to worry less about scheduling around a game here, and peacefully leave when it is dinner time without making family let me eat in here. This is just a computer.