CONTEST - Your primary poker goal


Hello, everyone! It’s time for our monthly contest, and this time we have a submission from @Maya. Tell us what YOUR most important goal is when you play poker online! Whether it’s one of the four choices below or something else entirely, we’d love to know what brings you to the tables.

Five players will receive 100,000 chips just for participating! I’ll be drawing names on Tuesday, July 17th.

Have fun! We can’t wait to see what your choices are. :smiley:


For me it’s the competition. I enjoy playing against players who are on the same playing level as me or better. I enjoy the competition and enjoy trying to win tournaments and become a better Poker player. In Poker you have to play against better players and gain experience to become a better player yourself.

I’m not much of a leaderboard guy, I just try to take to take it one tournament at a time and try to make the moves that I think will put me in the best position to win In a tournament.



Skill. I just started playing a few years ago. We travel to Vegas fairly often through the winter. i’ve been in plenty of 1/2 games and tournaments. I’m here building up my skill at folding the bad and marginal cards and truing to figure out how best to play the better hole cards. Also, sort of working on my concentration. Trying not to totally lose my edge or my cool under sometimes trying circumstances.


“B” Fun and Friends … I come on this site to have fun … winning is a bonus


C - Skill. I’m looking to build up a set of strategies that I can employ when I take my talents to the real-money felt.


they are all kinda chained together.
skill will make you play better, in other words you will get a higher bankroll and getting good in the competition. and besides having fun with the people, improving my game is fun for me as well. and winning obviously too :slight_smile:

but since all points are bound to B, i’m going to pick that one.


All of them are important to me but I would put them in this order:

  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D

Fun and Friends (B) for sure - met some great people here.


B - I agree with the order Grandy used above. For me only the games with interesting Players and chat are Memorable.


Friends who play A 6 off are the best :slight_smile:


I am here to enjoy the company of others and have fun, I really enjoy playing poker and winning but it wouldn’t be the same without my friends… Doll :slight_smile:


Pretty much equal parts B & C. I came here originally for C and am staying because of B. I find RPP provides me a bounty of opportunities to improve my skills while introducing me to some great folks along the way!


Patience. Are we done with that one? No?
Fine then. I’m just trying to get better at this game so I guess skill is my aim. I’m not even hitting the target so far.

For me its the thrill, win or lose. Gets my heart pumping, what a great buzz.

haha, lemme guess that would include playing it 9h UTG :slight_smile:



I like exploring the rules of games and developing strategy regardless of whether I win, but ultimately you need to find a strategy which keeps you live to play more.


C - Skill…and i have so much to learn but it’s so much fun !

need competition and skill to build bankroll. playing with friends is fun.

This contest forced me to self-reflection and self-introspection! In other words, I had to think, why the heck do I play here? LOL
Well, certainly for fun, what else? It is not always fun, though, for several reasons I won’t elaborate here. But… when there is no fun, the lack of it is always compensated by the second part of the same choice: friends. So decidedly B.

I don’t pay a particular attention to the leaderboards, but I must say it is always a pleasant surprise when on Sunday or at the end of a month I get notified I won some chips for reaching a good place in the leaderboards.


I only have a few minutes a few times a day and I like to sit down and play a hand or two and then I can move on. I love to play poker but it would be frustrating to play with a group of people and have to keep interrupting. This way I can enjoy a few hands and not aggravate everyone else. That is why I can never play in a tournament.