Your 2018 Poker Goals


My 2018 Poker Goals are to:

   1. Increase my luck in tables.
   2. Gain my chips as much as I can.
   3. Not lose all my chips in one hand (I have lost more than 1.3 million chips only in one hand, and 
       today more than 150K chips got lost)

Merry Christmas to all of you, wishing you happy holidays!



Marc…I think i won a royal once but i do not like them. My favorite is PL Omaha hi-lo. That means those who go all in every hand and mess up the table, can’t do it when it is pot limit…




chase everything.will hit
call on 23 offsuit with a preflop raise
stop folding play every hand
bluff constantly
hope to get AA KK like the top 1000 ranked players get on final table
suck out as much as possible
since I never resorted to above till today and have lost all my chips think need a change of plans hope above works…ofcourse I need all the luck in the world skill doesn’t work here,keep the skills for the casino…
most of all enjoy the company of the lovely folks out here,amazing friends…very lucky to have been blessed with so many of them on this site.


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Never bluff really


Play better, and bet more flops with paint and aces


My main goal is to stop playing poker at all, but I do not see that coming. Unfortunately. At least it is a bit of a success that I do not play anymore real money poker.


Mine was to win the Replay Poker MTT Championship. Unfortunately it has been cancelled so I will have to go to plan B. I will have to decide between the World Series of Poker or the Whiner Invitational. Guess I will spend 2018 deciding which and go for it in 2019 if I am still on the right side of the dirt.

Best wishes to all for 2018. Looking forward to fun at the tables with you.



Say it isn’t so Seville, MTT Champ was '17 only ??? :cry:


I was very sorry to see that also, as have a few other players who have mentioned it too. Staff posted that they would be talking to people who participated in it. I am really hoping it is reinstated. I only started participating in it about 6 months ago, so was hoping to see how I would fare over a full year. I like the fact that is was difficult just to earn you way into it to compete. If I hear anything more regarding it I will post it here. I think it could be reinstated fairly quickly if they wanted to do it. Just require adding the tickets back in to this months Leader Boards where they were and letting people know.
I think more people are participating in the Leader Boards now than they were a year or so ago and a part of that is to try to win a championship ticket.


This isn’t the right thread, yet I got disinterested when they chg’d the fact tickets could then be banked. Originally I thought it Brilliant, and the ultimate test for any MTT player… then they chg’d about the tickets… I lost interest, cause that ruin’d the whole point of it, to me.


I felt the exact same way.


I felt the same way, I didn’t play last night though I usually did every night. Now it is just another game to earn chips. It used to be all my friends played in the American and we competed and joked among ourselves. RP said they were looking into alternatives as not many players participated???. Why not keep it in place until they survey players. ALSO - note there are NO scores in the Gemstone League this week! When I wrote RP they told me they were changing that format and would make an announcement soon! Maybe make an announcement first! I spend the 20K entry in each game hoping the end payoff would make it worth it.


Sorry I was off topic. When the forum comes up I only see the last post and respond to that instead of going to the top to see the initial subject. One of my goals is to stop doing that :). Also to help RP develop some really fun formats, goals and competitions that motivate players instead of just winning chips each game.


I did lol.


Mine are to write four books on poker. Two down, two to go.


Not even when you are last to bet?


This isn’t exactly on topic, but I go to Las Vegas with a group of friends every year. I’ve played hold’em sparingly because I felt I just didn’t know how. So I’m practicing here so I can make a decent showing at the casinos. I don’t expect to win, I just don’t want to feel like an idiot.


Reviving this thread to see how everyone has progressed. It doesn’t look like I’ll attain any of my poker goals for the year, due to certain distractions in my personal life that resulted in an extended hiatus. However, I have made some progress.

My bankroll is more than double where it was a year ago, and though I didn’t crack the top 500, I am in the top 2000. I entered a “real life” poker tournament and made good decisions, despite a rapid exit. While I have yet to enter a tourney on this site that costs over 1 million chips, I have played in and won 100k+ buy-in tournaments, with cashes exceeding 1m.

Long story short, I’m still moving in the direction of those goals, even if I didn’t reach them. I consider that a partial win.