How come

the monthly MTT (HIgh) leaderboard doesn’t show tickets?

and how come my ticket (last month) is only good for "about 2 months?

and, when is the next MTT (High) monthly tournament ?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Did you try asking your questions at ?

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Look under the topic 2018 Poker Room Updates… I think this is what you were asking… if not just ignore my comment…#6 says
The Championships won’t be renewed in 2018
We have decided to not renew these competitions due to a lack of popularity. We will be running a survey to players players who have participated in these games to get some further feedback on whether this type of competition could be more successful otherwise.

If you got a championship MTT ticket for december, then you should be able to play the last tourn what the 3rd week of the month, it well be the last in the 12 months that they ran for 2017, because the december winners should have thier shot @ points in the LAST tourn.

This is a guess, but stands to reason, even if as on 2018 they ended this, then no new tickets are earned in January, but they still have to run that last tourny for the december winners, don’t they ???

( scroll all the way down on the lobby, its prolly there somewhere listed… )


The final NL Hold 'em tournament for the Championship - MTT will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2018. Then and only then, will the title of 2017 Grand MTT Champion be awarded. The Top 25 players on the Championship - MTT yearly leaderboard will win a share of 10 Million Chips! Good luck to everyone!

@county29 ,
That is what is “currently” listed … if thats the one you are looking for, there ya are.


how come you know so much.

@harley57 ,

Maybe because I took some time to go look around and help someone out with some info ??
I may not be on staff, but sometimes ppl get a faster response from me than them.
I dont mind helping ppl, doesn’t matter who helps them out either Harley…
Thats what a community does… people helping people… try it sometime.



Good words!!

It takes a village :+1:t2:

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Sarah…Do you know why they don"t give more breaks during the long,long

freerolls? Thnks dear.