I am the best player on here!


well, old school poker is really all about playing the man not the cards, i hope that makes sense.


i don’t recommend gto for beginners, because first you need a good grasp of old school poker. gto is like advanced calculus, and old school poker is like algebra. you cant learn advanced calculus without first studying algebra.


@Ilovecat, Do you find it amusing that you are deemed so uncivilized that you may not speak to less than ten people at a table, yet are permitted to speak to tens of thousands on here?


Ya but this isnt old school poker anymore FYI. Are u playing on a computer with a program for the system? Get with the times bud :smile:


I agree whittaker, he started this thread cause its the only place he gets attention, cant chat on his tables and cant chat while hes waiting 5 hours for a player to join him that wants to play on his table. So he takes it all out here. Joke


I was asking a more specific question. Ring on Replay is super passive and you often end up having to make a preflop decision from say the CO with 3 limpers already ahead of you. Typically I would fold a hand like J8o or Q4s simply because they don’t have enough equity to limp behind and I do not expect to have enough fold equity if I raise. But I am learning that the passivity of the players and postflop skill/position advantages can be enough to attack in certain spots even with 72o or J7s. I was trying to get a sense of whether ilovecat makes these plays (and I would say he does from having played against him) rather than sticking to a relatively defined range. Typically, even when playing aggressively, I would attack over limpers only with big hands plus suited Ax and suited connectors because having to fight for multiway pots with a range that includes hands like unsuited broadways, unsuited gappers, and non-connected suited hands is pretty daunting. But it seems like it can actually be effective. So, it’s not really a question of exploitative versus GTO, but whether not playing trash hands can be +EV against passive opponents.


I asked @Ilovecat a question. I didn’t express an opinion that warrants an agree or disagree.
No offense. I just don’t want to be drawn into a battle I have no part in.


I will watch closely, I hope @Ilovecat can prove his prowess by winning RPOS.
I wish you the very best, and I hope to see some excellent poker played.


i hope they close this thread soon and am surprised they kept it up this long. it has no merit or benefit to any of us. he titled the forum the way he did to get more responses, why give him more attention here that he cant seem to get on the tables because of his chat ban. any forum with that title should not even be on here. there is no positive feed back in either direction with a topic like this.


I politely disagree. Aside from the entertainment value, which may or may not be the total worth of online poker, I see value in the forum member’s curiosity as to what makes one player better than another, specifically themselves.
Perhaps the more advanced players such as yourself floridajetski, may not get as much benefit out of this as the more novice players like myself, but I would hate to be deprived of the opportunity to learn something because of one member’s desire to censure another member.



Thanks for the expanded explanation. I know and respect the fact that you are a serious student of the game, which is why I was a little surprised at the question.



I think I owe you an apology. From the thread title and the “buy more chips” thread you started, I assumed you were just trolling and responded accordingly.

Since it now seems like you are actually offering to help… my bad. Sorry man.


yes, i will answer all your poker questions, but be warned I have the right to not tell you everything because if i told you everything I know then I am no longer the best. Hence poker is a game of information! the more you know the better you are!


Funny- I just watched you play and fmt102 was giving the lessons?

fmt102 wins 19,999,000 chips with Two Pair, Kings and Sevens


I really admire you @Ilovecat
With just 7 words you got everyone so worked up and created a storm in the forums. All it took was for you to say “I am the best player on here”, and you got people investigating you, attacking you, challenging you, asking for your thread to be closed, backing you up, asking you questions. Kudos.
Imagine what you could do if you were not muted at the tables. You would start a war I’m sure :joy:


Thats probably why he got muted maya, he probably started wars on the table :smile:


Yea, like thats never happened on a live TV table before … :star_struck:
I little verbal jousting @ the table, makes play interesting… :bomb:

Com’on, isn’t that why there’s a mute button already ???


Cat Lover,

Why is it that cash players do so poorly in SnGs and MTTs? I guess they feel the pressure when the blinds start to go up and because they need to change styles for different circumstances… and the bluffs can’t be your only play… etc.

I think you would like to join the Badonk Donks League games on Wednesdays and Sundays. Please become friends with Badonkadonk and tell him I suggested you should join and play. Plus you will have a good time.

You’d have a ball and you’d be welcomed. There are 51 good players so why not get a few of the top 20 players and join us. To be honest I think your butt will get kicked a few times as you learn something new.

I’d make some side bets with you as the games were played.

Much respect,



to be honest, i don’t see any reason to close the thread.

sure, i know it’s an obvious troll thread, and i assume everyone here knows it.
but still, even though it’s made to get reactions, there haven’t been a single moment ilovecat was rude to the other players. he was even actually giving advises to players who asked for it. so the only reason to close it is if replay doesn’t allow joking anymore. which means most threads should be closed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, he made more furore than the Fruit Test! Unbelievable!