I am the best player on here!


exactly, I am the best and I agree!


I don’t know why everybody’s attacking you. I believe you!


Some players use chat to get into other player’s heads.
Have you found your chat ban to be a disadvantage?


yes, i can tilt people with my foul mouth. however, it does not mater cause I am so good!


not too good at spelling, its matter not mater


I may or may not be the best cat person on the site. But feel free to ask me any cat questions and I will answer them as best I can.


I do know, for sure, my 18-pound Maine Coon cat is bigger than his.


I think it might’ve been "char,’ not “cat.”


LOL - this is an entertaining and revealing thread. I find it interesting that the response to a player calling himself ‘the best’ and offering advice was mostly derisive, with some flatly uninformed and inane comments thrown in for good measure. Exactly 1 player took the opportunity to ask a question, which was in fact responded to politely.

Objectively, ilovecat is one of the most successful players here. Disregarding the braggadocio the player exhibits, I would have thought at least a few people would have asked how he accumulated that many chips here. Nope. Players responded emotionally rather than rationally. I don’t think anyone bothered to even watch ilovecat play before posting, with 1 exception. Too funny.


I’m very good at staying on topic…probably the best on here.


I’m one of the best at adding semi-snarky comments, and especially inane ones. Feel free to ask me any questions about turtles.




Some come here to gamble. Some come to play poker. There’s room for both, but it’s often paid for by the gamblers.


Ok i will ask u one SunPowerGuru. Is Ilovetortoise or Iloveturtle the best player here?? :smile:


I think the following quote applies to (Ilovecat)
“Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” — John Wooden


Lol, I was thinking the same thing. Granted, starting with “I am the best” is setting yourself up for that, but he is objectively one of the most successful players on Replay. There is a massive gap between his 6b chips and most of the players ranked in the top 20. Buying that many chips from the bank would cost $200,000.

I have heard… though he may have a comment on this… that he is unwilling to sit down heads-up against the top two players (although at least one of those players seems to have left the site), which makes it pretty hard to say that you are the best. But there is definitely a lot to be learned about the strategy that creates that dominant of a win-rate.


So you are saying that rather than playing a defined range of hands, you can attack specific opponents in specific spots, regardless of your holdings? That makes sense. There are definitely spots where I want to attack, but I often just fold because my hand isn’t good enough to raise. If Annette Obrestad can win tournaments without looking at her hole cards, then playing spots instead of your own cards can obviously be effective.


@Ilovecat is your chat ban perm? would love to see you speak at the tables, this is great haha


Joe, I don’t know if you are seriously asking this.

Exploitative strategies can be far more profitable than GTO based crapola… period.


you are funny!