My thoughts

I have played many tournaments here, won many, lost all the more, but today I think I played my best poker ever, only came 3 and 260k to the bank, won more than that, but as I played !! was amazed at myself actually, beating players I usually always lose to! Funny that you play your best poker when you are completely exhausted after work :slight_smile: Have not played this game for so long, found this page by chance in 2019, before that I had not really played poker, only blackjack and such !! How beautiful a game this is, win or lose, just fun to play, I was good at chess in my youth, played tournaments and stuff, think poker is very similar in many respects! What a great feeling it is to have made the perfect tournament! I have a question for you who have played against me, what do you think of my game, say what you think, bad and good! Want to develop into a better poker player !! Take care of you out there !!



you are a consistently good player and have kicked my but a few times but most important you are kind to others and have fun

stay gold

Tiggs xx


Thank you Tiggy!! Yes that i think is importent to respect evryone and have fun! Thats its all about!! I have to say you are too!!!


I think you and I have played together only once, but all I can remember is that your feet smell slightly of over-ripe cheese.


Haha thank you Sun!!! Let us catch a table soon!!


the tiggs toes :slight_smile: