Be you and poker is not all but much!

I know the most gives a ■■■■ but i write becuse its many good souls out there and stunning poker players! I can beat any o e have done that too and lose to anyone! Always ben polite in winnig and losing,los the most i have thibk evryone have done! Its a beautiful game,i love it,its no better game!! But i feel i dont want to play right now,to much but i will be here,stand for the friends and help if someone want needs it! Remember to have fun that its all about!! See youon tht tabels soon!!


spot on i always try to be polite and supporting be it i win or lose the latter being most prominent lol but yes manners dont cost any thing annd if i can makle one persons day im happy


hey my lovely @Kondrad win loose or draw i love to see you at any table - and totally get you, do what is you and love that you will still be here even if just watching and helping others

If I had a you at every table then its the best mannered table that will ever happen

take care my lovely and hope to see you at the tables soon - Promos are so much more fun and a kinder place when you are about xx

Tiggs xxx