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Today I did not get any good cards and it simply did not work for me !! That’s how it is for us poker players !! Win and lose, but also feel the camaraderie, You see what the other does well on the table, the last time I played a 100k, haha was no passion for anyone else, just his ego, the first time I have experienced this on Replay! I’m not the best, but not bad, respect I think you should give everyone! It will be fun with RTC, play for their team mates, wished there were more such competitions in this beautiful game !! I am not afraid of anyone and I will give respect to everyone, I just want to play this beautiful game, I want to win, but not at any price, it’s just a game !! // Johan alias Kondrad who is my cat :slight_smile:


The next time I see you at the tables, I will bring some catnip :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


Wishing you the best of luck in RTC. It always makes me sad when I know there’s a fun tournament going on that I can’t enter. Unfortunately, for me, and I’m sure many many others, Saturday afternoon in the start of summer is a horrible time. So much gardening to be done, let alone so many animals to care for. I’m am sure that others probably have family that would be wanting their time on a weekend. If I were living back home in the UK, 9 pm would be a great time, but alas, I’m not. More than once I have suggested that Replay have rotating times to accommodate players from around the world, sadly to no avail.

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I agree - it is the reason I did not participate.