Lets talk about Ilovecat

I have spend all my energy on one game and that game is NO-limit holdem. As of right now I am so far ahead of everybody, there really is nobody that can beat me. Yes idiotplayer is a little better and I personally find Gamergirl very scary, but they are not so much better than me, that if I play them I will go broke!
I guess I am a god on here, feel free to indulge about my greatness!! THANK YOU! and I will answer your poker questions!

I mean, you are ranked #2 on the site. Can you really be that good if there’s a player who has more chips than you?

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My Poker question is- will You teach Us by playing Poker at a live event? I understand You cannot give running commentary. Several of the top ten ranked players do play in average Tournaments at times. Please do entertain the thought of letting Us know ahead of time of Your Participation at a Tourney event. It should be Well attended. I’m being Serious, as I believe You are.

I do not understand these threads, but I’m liking it.
Do you think you’re ever going to get past idiotplayer, who still has 1.5x the amount of chips you have.

Well, you have an important quality in a poker player…the belief that you are the best…

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If you are that good, you should be able to win unlimited money in live games, so why play on this site at all, O great one? Or is the greatest player on RP just like the greatest soccer player of all time in the Falkland Islands and a legend in his own back yard.

This will be a one message that replay to all. As for people who says I don’t play real cash game or that. My answer will be,” how do you know I don’t?” As for people who think I am boosting! My answer is, “ I am not, cause I am so smart!” And for people who ask me to play turny’s my answer is,” turny’s are so easy and prize money so small it is really not worthy of my time!”

You are proof that even those of modest intelligence can do well if they study and apply themselves!


You could Boost for real IF you win the Turny.

I am just truly a NO LIMIT HOLDEM specialist! I don’t think anyone on here can beat me!

in regione caecorum rex est luscus


Shots fired!

Haha, so true!

thank you for the compliment! But it is still a little bit derogatory, cause I am not a king, I am god of poker!

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Q: why does the highest stake of replay get so few players?
A: the ego of cat is just taking up all the space for the other players :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha! thats funny!

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Actually the reason is that the top ranked players on here have billions of chips and with bankrolls that deep it is pretty difficult to compete…